The Wise Advice Jennifer Garner Gave Her Daughters

The well-known actress Jennifer Garner recommended her daughters to “avoid injecting things in the face” when they are adults. In this way, she hopes that her descendants will have the same attitude as her towards those strategies.

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An actress with a natural face at 50

It so happens that Jennifer Garner was born in 1972. She has been a fairly prominent actress, being married to Ben Affleck – Jennifer Lopez’s current husband – for a decade. Three children were born from that relationship.

Affleck and Garner’s descendants are Violet (2005), Seraphina (2009), and Samuel (2012). Both daughters are now teenagers. Both remain low profile, as their parents keep them away from the press.

In an interview, the actress commented on her conversations with her daughters. She said that she advises them to be natural and not spend so much time “looking in the mirror.” She wants them to be free from cosmetic treatments.

Source: Laftan

He is against surgeries and interventions on the face

Such a position is always maintained on each occasion that they consult it. This is how Jennifer Garner stands firm in her convictions, advising her daughters with her ideas. It is worth saying that she is a very beautiful and elegant woman.

On the other hand, for her, these interventions on the face not only affect health. Also, they trigger obsessions that affect the mind. People spend their time looking in the mirror seeing every detail.

At the same time, the constant concern about wrinkles and other aspects is born. Each injection of botox, hyaluronic acid and other substances brings with it a concern for the results, an obsession with the face and the mirror.

She that her daughters be free and healthy. Therefore, she has said that “avoid injecting things in the face.” In this case, she has recommended that you have a regular skin cleansing, always with natural products.

The actress, photo when her children were small. Source: Latino News

A hint to Jennifer Lopez?

There are those who consider that the comments of this interview are a hint to Jennifer L√≥pez. Affleck’s new wife, on the other hand, is a lover of aesthetic treatments of all kinds for the face.

The truth is that Garner and JLo are women with very different ways of being. Both have been married to Affleck, but show very different opinions on the subject of beauty and ways to preserve it.

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What do you think of Garner’s advice to his two daughters? Well, it is an attitude that is respected. We must not forget that children inherit not only genetics; but also the ideas and idiosyncrasies of their parents.