The viral video of the “flying dragon” that causes a furore in Japan

This past September 30, a strange snake-shaped cloud left everyone speechless as it dominated the sky of the Japanese city of Joetsu, and the video published on the same day by the Weathernews forecasting service has already turned it around. to the world.

The video shows the curious cloud coiling like a snake in the cloudy sky, where it later dissipates. It’s a very rare phenomenon but it actually has a name, it’s a funnel cloud.

Funnel clouds have cone-shaped bulges that are formed by condensed water droplets emerging from a larger cloud. However, its hypnotic effect suggests that it is something supernatural.

This type of formation can lead to a storm, but luckily that was not the case this time. The video went viral because it is certainly something we don’t see every day.

The furor over the cloud was so intense that some Twitter users came to speculate that the phenomenon was very similar to the legends about flying dragons that appear in Japanese animated films, but everything indicates that it was actually a cloud. A rare cloud, but a cloud nonetheless.

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