The two questions Jeff Bezos asked a Silicon Valley expert before hiring her at Amazon

Much is made of the two questions Jeff Bezos asked a Silicon Valley expert before hiring her at Amazon. It was in the year 2002 when she was interviewed by Bezos for a job position.

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It is an article, where she comments that she never thought of working for the technological giant. However, she thought of sending her resume to Amazon. After a week, she was contacted by phone.

Ann Hiatt has worked for Google, being quite well known in Silicon Valley. She comments that the interviews were dizzying, both in quantity and pace. I was struck by the number of filters and questions.

She fully narrates her experience. She comments on meetings with large numbers of attendees. Also, that the criteria for choosing candidates are quite peculiar. Something that has attracted attention among people.

Source: Twitter @AnnRHiatt

A process that ended in the office of Jeff Bezos

After going through several tests and interviews, they finally stopped calling her. She thought she had been passed over for the position. However, that waiting time was part of the protocol for selection.

When they finally call her again, they take her by surprise. They tell her to show up for another interview, which was again a surprise. She was seated in a waiting room and suddenly Jeff Bezos appeared.

The Amazon founder shook her hand, then told her the interview would be “fun.” In this regard, he clarified that he would only ask a couple of questions. She took a deep breath and braced herself for the two questions that would be asked:

– Question 1: I want you to calculate the number of glass panels in the city of Seattle

She realized that Bezos wanted to see how the candidate thought. Ann Hiatt took a breath and said that the ideal is to start with the number of people in Seattle. She estimated the population at 1 million, just for reference to make calculations easier.

Then, he said that the inhabitants met in family groups of about four people. From there, she estimated the number of windows per home. Later, added a percentage to estimate the panels in premises and offices.

– Question 1: What are your professional goals?

She replied that Amazon was proving to be a company with ambitious people, and she wanted to be like them. Jeff Bezos himself had bold ideas, which she liked and wanted to be in those kinds of environments.

The result of the interview was positive. Ann Hiatt went on to work at the tech giant. Her experience in the selection process is something that she remembers with great pleasure and she does not hesitate to comment on it.

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What do you think of this anecdote? Employers seem to want to know how people think. That is something that characterizes the leaders of large companies.