The true story of Rapunzel is not so magical

The princess fables that we know today are versions aimed at children, full of sweetness and lightness. Wearing narratives that do not include traumatic events. However, this is not the case in the true story of Rapunzelwhich is not entirely magical.

His dark background is considered inappropriate for sensitive people, and especially for the innocence of a child. But giving a twist to the story, the story that we all know about Rapunzel arises. A kind and beautiful princess who grew up in a tower after being stolen by an evil witch when she was just a baby.

Deceived by a false speech of love and protection, the sweet young woman stayed away from civilization. While the sorceress who claimed to be her mother, she benefited from the wonderful powerful of the hair that the princess possessed. Until one day, a handsome prince manages to rescue her from her confinement and they are happy forever.

Brothers Grimm version

The fable in the early nineteenth century was not as noble as the popular story today. These writers created a less pleasant version, showing that the protagonist lived in constant bitterness during her confinement, due to constant abuse.

In an attempt to get rid of her sad state, the prince decides to get her out of the place. But Rapunzel’s brothers catch him, avoiding rescue. Finally they beat him and throw him from the tower, and then sacrifice the young woman.

Story of Blanche Monnier

Fortunately, the Brothers Grimm did not draw inspiration from any true story to illustrate their tale. However, one unfortunate young woman did live a similar story for more than 25 years.

Blanche Monnier she was a girl who belonged to a high-class family in France. Her beauty made her stand out from the rest of the girls of the same age, this made Louise, her mother, overprotect of the men. She was single and without suitors, at the age of 27 she began to be classified as a “remained” woman.

Soon a Protestant lawyer of the time appeared who took an interest in Blanche. Unfortunately, her mother didn’t think this man was a match for her daughter. The young woman begged her family a lot in the hope that they would give her approval, however, which received a punishment.

Blanche was locked inside a room in the house, to be subjected to constant physical and emotional abuse. She fed on leftover food and left him a hair that reached ankle-deep. Close to turning 52, his father dies and the servants of the house who knew of his inhuman state decided to send an anonymous letter to the police.

And on March 23, 1901, members of the barracks broke into the Monnier house to finish the story of torture that Blanche lived. The family was arrested and after many years, this woman can smile again.

His story was recognized in AndrĂ© Gilde’s novel which he called: “The abductee of Poitiers” winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1930.

Did you know that this sad version of Rapunzel’s story existed?