The Spain of the Baroque: Work of 2º of Baccalaureate –

After having shown how we can do the works of Visigothic Spain or Romanesque Spain, it is now time to see in Overhistory, how to do the work of Baroque Spain and that will enter into our special on school history work according to courses that we talked about days ago.

Points that we will deal with for Baroque Spain:

  1. What was the Spain of the Baroque
  2. Work of Baroque Spain
  3. Other ideas for your work on Baroque Spain
  4. PDF of The Spain of the Baroque
  5. Video of The Spain of the Baroque

What was Baroque Spain:

  • The baroque was the time in Spain that is characterized not only by what is known as the «Golden Age» Spanish in regards to culture and arts such as painting, but it is also a period, in the 17th century, characterized by a vitalistic humanism characterized by the individuality and historicity of men in the foreground.
  • It is a time when the monarchy ignores of the course of the country to leave it in the hands of those who are known as Valid.

Work of Baroque Spain:

  • Being a period in history that spans from the 1600 to 1750 It must be said that the work on the Spanish Baroque can be truly dense or long, so it is better that in order to explain everything, you opt for a schematic abstractor in which to differentiate their influence in each aspect.
  • In this way, we can make a schematic map in which to mention points such as:

Political Aspects:

  1. The monarchy, Felipe II, Felipe III, Felipe IV, Carlos II, have a marked carelessness and weakness of the monarchs and direction of the nation for ineffective valid
  2. Corruption
  3. state bankruptcy

Social aspects:

  1. Fall in demographics due to hunger, migrations, and wars and diseases.
  2. The nobility has privileges but is inoperative, that is, it has wealth but does not invest it (period of mistrust)
  3. The bourgeoisie does not have enough money to create industry
  4. General impoverishment and strong tax increases (a lot of poverty in the town contrasts with the wealth of the bourgeoisie).

Economic Aspects

  1. Sharp contrast between rich and poor
  2. Colony Profit Reduction
  3. labor shortage
  4. Increase in begging (rogues, vagabonds, thieves, …)

Other ideas for your work on Baroque Spain:

  • Having made a scheme similar to the one I am showing you, we can complete our work on the Spanish Baroque with all kinds of imagestaken from the internet, with which to also mention the painting and literature characterized in this period.

PDF of Baroque Spain:

Video of Baroque Spain:

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