The secret of the open scissors under the mattress

Have you ever heard that there are people who put scissors under the bed before going to sleep?

We all want our house to be always surrounded by good energies, so that the atmosphere is cordial and pleasant for all its inhabitants. put scissors under the bed used to cut evil energieswhich can harm you or your family members while they sleep.

This type of secret ritual is well known in many parts of the world, especially in South America, as it is a very powerful amulet against those energies that are imperceptible to our eyes.

To cut nightmares, sorrows and sadness you just have to place an open pair of scissors under the bed

For many years, grandmothers have told us that one of the best ways to scare away the evil eye, envy and evil from our house, was to place open scissors under our bed so that all that negative energy and Let’s be immune to all those bad vibes.

It also prevents the visits of souls while you sleep, although more than preventing, it protects. It should be next to the headboard but pointing to the foot or foot of the bed. The scissors or the scissors, because you can use two, they have to be open.

The reason that the scissors have a defensive effect is that if we look at them separately they look like two swords, and In ancient times it was believed that swords were responsible for fighting evilfor that reason is that the figures and images of the arcanes have swords.


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