The rule of the three “R’s”

doDID YOU KNOWThere is a rule called “three r’s” What helps us take care of the environment?

The rule of the three Rs, also known as the three Rs of ecology or simply 3Ris a proposal on consumption habits, popularized by the environmental organization Greenpeace, which aims to develop habits such as responsible consumption.

This concept refers to strategies for waste management that seek to be more sustainable with the environment and specifically give priority to reducing the volume of waste generated.

* Reduce: Actions to reduce the production of objects likely to become waste.* Recycle:

The set of waste collection and treatment operations that allow them to be reintroduced into a life cycle.* Re-use: Actions that allow a product to be used again to give it a second life, with the same or a different use. During the G8 Summit in June 2004, the Prime Minister of Japan, Koizumi Junichiro, presented the Three Rs Initiative that seeks to build a recycling-oriented society. In April 2005, an assembly of ministers was held in which the United States, Germany, France and 20 other countries discussed the way in which actions related to the three Rs could be implemented internationally.

Now that you know this important rule, you should consider starting to use it.


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