The Roman civilization: Work of 1st of ESO –

We continue with the history school work according to courses, and in fact if yesterday we were talking about those corresponding to The Greek Civilization, it is now the turn of the one that was The Roman Civilization.

Points that we will deal with for the work of the Greek Civilization:

  1. work of roman civilization
  2. Other ideas for your work on the Roman civilization
  3. Roman Civilization PDF
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Work of Roman civilization:

  • A scheme will be the best, or that you make a series of files that you can later take as positive days, to carry out your work the Roman Civilization, and that should begin with its origin including, of course, the “legend” of Romulus and Remus which in fact is considered the history of how this civilization was born.
  • Roman civilization had a society in which not all men were equal, so in your scheme it will be good to point out the differences between patricians, plebeians and slaves:
  1. Patricians: They were the ones who dominated society and owned land and slaves. They held the most important positions in politics and the army. They were the only ones who could belong to the government and the Senate and they got rich with the conquests and accumulated large amounts.
  2. commoners: They were free men who worked for a salary. Many entered the army. They fought for social equality.
  3. Slaves: They had no rights. They were the economic base of the Empire. They worked on the large estates of the patricians. They could buy their freedom to become freedmen.
  • On the other hand, you will have to talk about the politics in Roman civilization and in fact explain how not the expansion of what is known as Roman Empire and how it expanded through different territories, including Spain.
  • Roman culture will also deserve a scheme in which to develop topics such as law and Latin, the origin of many modern languages, and of many words in non-Romance languages.

Other ideas for your work on the Roman civilization:

  • On the other hand and to complement your work on the Roman civilization, we can choose to make a model of how people lived in Roman society.
  • You can also provide photos and positive days, for example, of what were the theaters or entertainment venues in this civilization.

Roman Civilization PDF:

Video of the Roman civilization

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