The Restoration: Work of 2º of Baccalaureate –

In Sobrehistoria we have spent days explaining to the students what school work is according to the course and in fact we have already seen in previous articles how we can do works such as La España del Barroco or Los Reyes Católicos, now coming to what is the work on La Restoration.

Points to touch on in our work on The Restoration:

  1. What was the Restoration?
  2. Work on The Restoration
  3. Other ideas for the Restoration work
  4. Restoration PDF
  5. video of the restoration

What was the Restoration?

  • The Restoration was a historical period in Spain that began in 1875 after the coronation of King Alfonso XII and is known by this name since it represents the return of the Bourbon dynasty to power.
  • This period consists of various stages, so it is good that we can do a job with all the information about it but that it also appears summarized.

Work on The Restoration:

  • To do a good job of The Restoration, and being a somewhat extensive topic (it covers between 1875 and 1931 with the proclamation of the Second Republic, although in 1920 the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera was constituted) it is better to opt for the schematic maps and in this way to be able to define or explain what its different stages are.
  1. THE REIGN OF ALFONSO XII (1875-1885), these events occur: Approval of the Constitution of 1876, Completion of the third Carlist War (1876), Completion of the Ten Years’ War (1878), the Peace of Zanjón (1878) occurs
  2. THE REGENCY OF MARY CHRISTINA OF HABSBURG-LORRAINE (1885-1902), these events occur: In 1890, the law of universal male suffrage was approved, Disaster of 98 that leads to the Cuban War of Independence and the Spanish-American War. Spain was defeated and lost its last colonies: Cuba, the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam. Regenerationism arose.
  3. THE REIGN OF ALFONSO XIII (1902-1931), These events occur: In 1909, the Tragic Week in Barcelona occurs, and in 1917, there is a general strike due to the unrest of the working class and a political crisis. To this were added the wars in Morocco in 1898 and when Spain lost its colonies, in addition to the crisis that the country was experiencing led General Miguel Primo de Rivera to lead a coup in 1923. Primo de Rivera suspended the Constitution and ruled, dictatorial form, until 1930.

Other ideas for Restoration work:

  • Apart from the schematic map that we can make to develop our work on the Restoration, you can make a political and geographical map of were some of the Spanish colonies in Cuba and how this map was changing.

Restoration PDF:

Restoration Video:

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