The new moon in Libra will be an ideal time for love and relationships (October 9)

Libra is the sign of beauty, balance and harmony. In addition, it is a sign ruled by Venus, which represents love and seduction. So the new moon on October 9 will bring many opportunities in the realm of feelings.

They will be days of great intensity of feelings, of possible love encounters and sensations on the surface.

But it is also a good time to balance the inner balance. Enjoy the beauty of routine, find what we love about our day to day.

Love encounters during the new moon in Libra

The new moon in Libra will bring great possibilities of making love encounters. Maybe it’s time to ask that person you’ve been thinking about every day out once and for all.

They will also be special days to meet new people. You will feel more open to connect with the other, to get out of yourself to focus on others. These are ideal days to take out the antennas and take a good look around: perhaps there is someone there who may be very important to us and we are not even looking at them.

Those who are in a relationship, this new moon can take advantage of it to explore their sensuality, seduce each other again, be creative in bed and make something extraordinary out of the routine. Great moment of connection.

Opportunities during the new moon in Libra

This week, the new moon in Libra invites us to enjoy a little more of everything. It is a perfect time to treat ourselves, to do something for our body, and to connect with ourselves.

Especially, it is a great moment of balance, which will allow us to rediscover those things that we love about our little routines and forget to enjoy; and also, make the necessary adjustments so that things begin to flow more harmoniously.

For this reason, this new moon in Libra is ideal for reviewing our agenda, rethinking our habits, discovering what things are becoming too heavy for us and are throwing the balance off balance. If you take advantage of these days there will be a lot of healthy renewal.

It can also be a great time to start some new, creative activity that fills that empty space or that which has been pending.

Cheer up with some artistic activity, or something that has to do with self-care.

These days, prioritize your own well-being and beauty, like any worthy Libra child would, and you’ll have some amazing days.