The mystery of the disappearance of Agatha Christie-What happened those days? –

The famous writer Agatha Christie, famous for her mystery novels, was missing for 10 days and led the police to carry out an investigation worthy of Hercule Poirot, her famous fictional detective. We now explain to you mystery of the disappearance of Agatha Christie-What happened those days?.

We have all read a novel Christie Agatha, but few people are unaware of the mystery that enveloped his life for 10 days, in which the famous writer disappeared without a trace, and once the case was solved, it was not known what had really happened.

Agatha Christie’s disappearance: blood on the car

the story began in December 1926, when the Guilford police in south London, found a car crashed into a tree. Apparently, the accident had not been serious, since the vehicle was almost intact, but with the doors open. Inside they found objects that appeared to belong to an upper-class woman: a pair of gloves and a very elegant fur coat. But the car was abandoned, there were no victims but there were bloodstains. The police investigate who owns the car and discover that the vehicle was in the name of ArchibaldChristie... Um, that last name… Yes, he was the husband of the famous writer of crime books, the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie.

A few miles from the accident in Berkshire, the Christie family (Archibald and her 7-year-old daughter) discovered the writer’s absence when the police knocked on the door to report the appearance of her car. Agatha Christie had left her house at 8:45 the day before. and there was no more news. The investigation ruled out kidnapping because no one had made a ransom or left a note. The possibility of suicide or murder was even considered. But… Who could kill the writer? Or, why would she want to take her own life?

Disappearance of Agatha Christie: her husband’s lover

After taking a statement from the husband, the police discovered that Archibald had a mistress, and since then he became the main suspect in the disappearance. The couple had been distant for some time, and her relationship only worsened after the writer lost her mother and fell into depression. Archibald, before Agatha disappeared, had filed for divorce and confessed to treason with Nancy Neelewhom he had met shortly before, and hired as a secretary.

The Disappearance of Agatha Christie in the press

The press coverage of the case and all these revelations they made that the british were very agitated during all the days that the police investigation lasted. It was only talked about in the streets. The family and especially her 7-year-old daughter, Rosalind, were very concerned. The government wanted the case to end soon, to show police efficiency, of course. Even other writers of famous novels in the world of crime dabbled in the investigation. Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Homes, then 67 years old, was an expert in spiritualism and even took one of the gloves found in the car to a “medium” hoping to find some answer.

The case of Christie’s disappearance was so talked about that it was even thought that it was all a “trick” or strategy by the writer in order to publicize her new mystery novel. In fact, the news spread to other countries and even the New York Times of the United States covered it.

Disappearance of Agatha Christie: Resolution

Despite all the interest generated by the disappearance of Agatha Christie and the general concern as the days went by, everything ended up having a good resolution.

After 10 days, a musician went to the police and said he saw Agatha Christie in a luxury hotel in Harrogate, where Christie had apparently arrived by train. Arriving in the spa town, he checked into the Swan Hydro, now the Old Swan Hotel, with almost no luggage..

When investigators went to the scene and discovered that had registered as Teresa Neele (surname identical to her husband’s lover), they found that the writer was fine, but seemed a little confused. Despite having enjoyed the stay in a very sociable way, she even sang with the band of the musician who gave her the track, he did not recognize the image of his own daughter, or Archibald himself.

The mystery remained despite the appearance of christie for although he came home and seemed fine, the police had to accept the theory that he had suffered some kind of temporary amnesia, perhaps as a result of the collision he had had with the car. But then how did she get to the train that took her to the spa? And why did she register with the surname of her husband’s lover?

A year after disappearing Christie separated from her husband and married archaeologist Sir Max Mallowan. and traveled through the Middle East and Africa. Thanks to this change of air, the writer was able to produce numerous bestsellers in the context of these places (such as one of her best novels »Murder on the Orient Express», 1934). She never spoke, however, of that episode in her life in which she was missing for several days and kept an entire nation in suspense.

But this did not give rise to several hypotheses. The most consolidated today maintains that Christie knew about her husband’s lover and knowing of his intentions to divorce her, she wanted to escape from her for a time in her life. The fact that she said that she had amnesia or that she did not remember, is hardly credible and even more so when we take into account that she is the most famous mystery writer of all time, so that there are many who believe that she was conscious in every moment of what he was doing, but he preferred to be able to take some time in his life and disconnect from everything.

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