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The Roman Empire It was born before the unstoppable machinery that had been set in motion during the Republic. The expansion of its capital towards the surrounding territories of the Mediterranean Sea, annexing territories, made it necessary to create an autocratic form of government that concentrated all powers in a single figure, the figure of the Emperor. Today we are going to know who they were the most important roman emperorsmen who led Rome to rule from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caspian Sea.

The Most Important Roman Emperors

One of the phases that Roman culture went through in its long history of expansion and leadership. During the Empire, Rome came to dominate all of Europe, North Africa, and even what is now known as the Middle East and part of Central Asia..

this expansion It would not have been possible without the organizational and leadership capacity that rested on a single figure, the emperor. It must also be said that not all emperors were beneficial to Rome itself. However, the work and leadership of certain emperors managed to make the Roman expression a reality, Imperium Romanum, or translated “the dominion of the Romans”in the known world.

After a republican system of governmentin part inherited from polis forms of government in ancient Greece. In the 1st century BC, Rome begins a period of flourishing and expansion in all senses, social, economic and territorial. A system of government based on the republic was not enough for its control and administration. Thus a figure is born that would concentrate all the power on himselfas he political power such as administrative, economic, judicial and one of the most important the religious. The Emperor had a divine character.

We could say that it was a way of theocratic and absolutist government. The maximum figure was the Emperor and the territory to govern, the Roman Empire. Let’s see next What were the most representative figures of this period?Emperors who managed to bring Rome to its peak of splendor and glory.

Then we leave you the list of Emperors who directed the designs of the Empire.
Of all the emperors who ruled the Empire, there was everything, emperors who conquered territories and coming to call the Mediterranean Sea, Mare Nostrum, even emperors who lived more attentive to their pleasures than to the government. Cruel, magnanimous, warlike or peaceful emperors. Of all the emperors perhaps those who have been best treated by history have been:

  • Julius Caesar
  • Caesar Augustus
  • Trajan
  • Hadrian

However there was others who also deserve to be on this list special, such as:

  • nerve
  • Antoninus Pius
  • Mark Antony
  • constantine

The most important Roman Emperors | Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar born in Rome about on July 12, 100 BC and deceased on March 15 in Rome in the year 44 BC. He has been included in this list for being the one who turned the Roman Republic into an entire Roman Empire. Army general and politicianor, became famous for his victories in the battles against the barbarian tribes of the north.

At the age of 31, he changes the battlefields for politics, reaching different alliances until he becomes the visible head of the Roman Republic. But the accumulation of power and the fear of some senatorsa return to the monarchy was what provoked his murderin what is known as the Ides of March.

The most important Roman Emperors | Caesar Augustus

His name was Cayo Octavio Turino, he was born in Rome on September 23, 63 BC, dying on August 19, 14 AD in Nola. Considered the first emperor of rome, succeeds his great-uncle Julius Caesar, by inheritance rights. His mandate was long from the year 27 BC until his death in the year 14 AD

It was the Senate who allowed him to use the term of Augustus as a cognomen, becoming from this moment on the emperor caesar augustus. During his tenure, Rome began a period of relative calmperiod that received the name of Pax Augusta, this peace was only interrupted by wars that were often fought on the borders of the empire. He got annex more territory to the Roman Empireforcing the conquered territories to swear allegiance to Rome.

He is owed the Roman tax systemstarted the great empire road network Y endowed them with an official messaging systemcreated a professional army and it was to whom we owe the creation of an elite body or personal guard, the famous Praetorian Guard. He created a security guard for the city, they would be in charge of maintaining order in it and would also take care of the fires that could occur in the city. A city that grew overwhelmingly during his rule.

The most important Roman Emperors | Trajan

His name was Mark Ulpius Trajanhis date of birth was on September 18, 52 BC and his place of birth was in Italica, Seville, in the lands known as Hispania, his death was in Sicily on August 9, 117 AD.

Belonging to a wealthy family, his father, in addition to being a military man of recognized prestige, was a Roman politician who held differents positions as consul and subsequently governor of the province of Syria.

After Domitian’s death, Nerva succeeds him.a man of advanced age who wished appoint as his successor to young man Trajan. Becoming at that very moment in the Emperor Marcus Ulpius Nerva Trajan Germanicus.

Trajan was a outstanding army general and it would also be first emperor not born in Italy. His leadership skills extolled him to victory, being during this period when the empire reached its greatest extent. The period of his mandate has been considered as the golden age of rome.

During the government of Trajan the city changed its physiognomydeveloped a program to perform different Public Works that would benefit the population, such as the Trajan’s Forum In addition to beautifying the city with different monuments like the famous Trajan’s Column. Improved road networkbuilding bridges to shorten journeys, created various supply infrastructure of the populations.

within their military campaignsit should be noted the dacian war, where he was able to defeat the impressive Dacian army, a people located north of the Danube, what is now Romania, eventually annexing it to the Empire. The Trajan’s Columnfor everyone who visits Rome, recounts this bloody battle.

Trajan was a man who was said to like battles and amuse them, he fought in the East and got annex territories as important as all the Mesopotamia region.

The most important Roman Emperors | Hadrian

Your name Publius Aelius Hadrianwas born on January 24, 76 AD in Santiponce -Italica – Hispania, dying in Berries on July 10, 138. Emperor Hadrian guided the designs of Rome from the year 117 to 138. He is the second emperor to come from this remote Roman province called Hispania, not in vain. he was Trajan’s nephewor, something that would surely help in his promotion.

A Cultivated Emperorfond of Stoic philosophy and a fervent follower of the theories of Epicurus. He fought alongside his uncle in the Dacian WarHowever, during his mandate he did not want to extend his borders any further. Now there was another very important job to do, unite the entire empire.

He traveled the length and breadth of the empirevisited all the Roman provinces, studied the problems of each area in order to get a better land management. It is said that of the 20 years that he ruled, only 8 years did he do so from Rome. He founded cities and provided protection for them.

Another important problem that he had to face was the insistent barbarian raids. Containing these invasion attempts caused the empire a great economic and personal waste. Therefore, one of the main actions was the secure the borders.

It is owed to him the famous Roman greetingan imperial salute that began to be practiced after the end of the Second Judean War. He is also responsible for the construction of different temples like that of Venus in Rome, in the same place that one day was the Domus Aurea of ​​Emperor Nero.

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