The most common names in Spain from the 60s to today –

The most common names in Spain seem to be recurring names, names that many of you are sure to have or that one of your relatives has. Do you want to know which names for girls or women are the ones that have been put on the most since the 60s, to the present? In Sobrehistoria we show them to you by autonomous communities.

The most common names in Spain from the 60s to today

names like Pilar, Lucía, María, or María Carmen are very typical in Spain and not only in the past, but even today they are still used a lot. Mary for example has been one of the most used names since the 1960s and is still a favorite today of many. Others have been changing over the years, as shown curiously in the following maps that I leave below.


In the 1960s, a compound name was imposed, Maria Carmenwhich, as you can see on the map, appears practically throughout Spain, with the exception of areas such as Cataloniawhere it razed Montserrateither Aragon where Pilar dominated.


In the 70’s, it’s back María Carmen the name that predominates although we see a little more variety with the irruption of names like Raquel, Teresa, Marta or Mónica.


In the 80’s it seems there is a renewal and Laura prevails, a name that is still very common today. María, María Carmen, or Rocío are also present.


in the 90’s Maria come back strong. It is perhaps the most popular name in our countryand experienced a “boom” in this decade, although Laura was still very popular in Catalonia.


In the 2000s again Maria prevails although we also see how Lucy begins to destroy and be very present in communities such as Galicia, Asturias or Castilla y León.

Years 2010:

In 2010, the most common name is that of Lucyalthough it seems that it resists Maria and that is still used in much of the South of Spain, and we see others like Sara, Julia or Paula.