The most beautiful libraries in the world and why you should know them

There is something special about libraries. The ease with which we find one book and then another and then another and so on until we don’t know what we want to read first and what we have to leave behind.

The magic of these places has been interrupted by different forms of entertainment: shopping centers with 20 movie theaters, clothing stores and restaurants that prevent many from looking for a walk in a library. But recovering the feeling of immersing yourself in a quiet paradise for reading is unmatched.

Perhaps the following images, belonging to some of the most beautiful libraries and bookstores in the world, will make you change your mind about these sites and decide, as in the past, to go for your membership and spend much more time in one of these sites. full of knowledge for anyone who wants to access it.

1. Musashino University Library, Japan

Architect Sou Fujimoto said of this library (and of all libraries in the world for that matter): “All you need to make a library is books, shelves, light and beautiful places.” It’s no surprise that this site is so minimal and basic, yet so beautiful. If more books are added in the future, there will be no problem: all the spaces, even the stairs, are designed to store them.

2. Baroque Library, Prague

The entire complex is called the Clementinum and is full of historic buildings whose beauty will dazzle you. But without a doubt, taking a tour of its library is something like no other. It is said that when construction began in the 18th century, the Jesuits only had one book, but when it was completed their collection numbered more than 20,000.

3. Admont Library, Austria

For many it is the most beautiful library in the world, and it is difficult to go against it. With a ceiling adorned with frescoes by Bartolomeo Altomonte, depicting divine and human knowledge, this appears to be the paradise Borges was referring to in his famous phrase “I always thought paradise would be some kind of library.”

4. Library Stuttgart, Germany

The white color and the continuous stairs will make you want to go through each space of the beautiful German library. A minimalist and functional design.

5. Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Brazil

With a style somewhere between Renaissance and Gothic, the most beautiful reading room in the world has more than 350,000 books in Portuguese, making it the space with the most books in that language outside of Portugal.

6. Vasconcelos Library, Mexico

With a design that makes it appear that the books are floating in the middle of the library, the colossus in Mexico City is relatively new, but its work is growing every day.

7. The Grand Splendid Athenaeum, Argentina

It is not a library but a bookstore, it is part of a chain and the books are for sale. However knowing her is worth it. The beauty of the place lies in its past. Before it was a theater and now, with the same structure, it contains a vast number of books, which is why it was ranked second among the most beautiful bookstores in the world according to The Guardian.

Do you know other libraries worth mentioning? Have you visited any of these destinations for book lovers? Tell us about your experience and remember what Henry Ward Beecher said: “A library is not a luxury, but one of the necessities of life.”