The message behind the hyper white teeth of “Don’t look up”, the latest Netflix hit

There is a lot of speculation about the message behind the hyper white teeth of “Don’t look up”. There is no denying that this film is the latest success of Netflix, although many criticize this film.

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A story full of criticism and black humor

The film is about two astronomers – roles played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence – who discover something disturbing. They realize that a large meteorite will collide with Earth.

In “Don’t look up” a black comedy unfolds. The meteorite is huge and would cause an extinction of humanity. However, the authorities prefer to keep everything secret and control the population.

The scenes of the film show how people with power twist the truth. Also, astronomers who try to save people are persecuted. No one must know that such a great danger is lurking.

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Which characters show excessively white teeth?

It was something planned: the characters with a quota of power, who are shown as public figures, wear a dental prosthesis. When they speak, or smile, they show absurdly snow-white teeth.

Some characters that stand out for their teeth are the “hyper-millionaire” Peter Isherwell (played by Mark Rylance) and the TV presenter named Brie Evantee (played by actress Cate Blanchett).

In social networks, comments abound about the strange appearance of these characters. “Cate Blanchett’s teeth are whiter than a cloud,” some say. “Why is her teeth so whitish?” Others ask.

Adam Mckay, director of the film, has commented that he wanted to show the “false posture” of many people before the cameras. In his opinion; Many people who work on TV, or who are very media-oriented, turn out to be quite false.

That falsehood is not limited to words, but to create an implausible image. In this case, showing “clean and perfect, impossible color” teeth. An image that ends up being laughable and absurd at the same time.

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The end of the film is also highly commented

The final moments of the film show the world leaders escaping from the disaster. Before the collision of the meteorite, they flee in some chambers cryogenic; to return to Earth thousands of years later.

The surprising ending of Don`t Look Up happens in a scene post-credits. The cameras cryogenic they open, but the world leaders get a surprise: they are devoured by monsters called “bronterocs”.

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Have you seen “Don’t looks oops”? It is a film with conflicting opinions: some love it, others do not like the film. In any case, it is the most successful film of Netflix at the beginning of 2022 and has raised a lot of audience.