The meaning of moles on the palm of the hand

We have moles in any part of the body, moles on the face, moles on the feet And till moles on the headline! However, the moles on the hand they are easier to see and discover, and therefore may be of more concern than those found on non-visible parts of the body.

The new moles on palm They are more common than you think. It is that in reality, a mole is not bad by itself. A mole is just a growth on the skin that occurs when the skin’s pigment-producing cells, called melanocytes, grow in groups.

Most of us have between 10 and 40 moles and we can develop them until we are approximately 40 years old. They can be pink, reddish or brown. However, when the mole is firm, painful and suddenly grows large, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist to rule out that it has become a melanoma.

Moles can appear anywhere on the body

palmistry and meaning of moles

Palmistry, or the art of palm reading, could intimately and profoundly reveal our personality. Some key aspects of palmistry are spots, lines and moles on the hands, especially on the inside. According to this technique, some moles can bring information about our abilities, tastes and personalities.

The lunar meaning in the palm of the hand it is evident according to palmistry: it could indicate abundance and is a symbol of health and wealth. It also foretells luck at work or in career and highly developed talent.

On the other hand, palmistry states that the meaning of moles in the palm of the hand it also has to do with the romantic side. Therefore, at the time of a palm reading, it is normal to ask for the “mole in the palm of the hand promise of love”. According to palmistry, having moles on the inside of this part of the body can be a symbol of good luck in love relationships.

However, it is not the same to have moles on hands What moles on the fingers. On the fingers, depending on which one comes out, it can have different meanings from palmistry.

Small moles on the fingers: What do they mean?

Some people are born with moles on fingers or they are more prone to the appearance of moles during their first years of life. According to dermatology, it is not necessary to worry about the exit of a new moleunless it is accompanied by symptoms such as pain or rapid growth.

According to palmistry, these moles may have a certain load of genetic memory, and therefore it is quite possible to interpret them. small moles on fingersWhat do they mean?

-In the index finger: associated with leadership, it means that there is a high capacity to direct large groups or collectives.

-On the middle finger: it is associated with everything legal, justice, long processes, inheritance and education. Possibly, these people go through long legal procedures at least once in their life.

-On the ring finger: it is associated with public success or recognition.

-On the thumb: linked to intimacy and sexuality. These people possibly have a sexual behavior that is different from the conventional one, they could be more exacerbated or more passive.

-On the little finger: it is 100% associated with communication. These people tend to have problems communicating on a written and oral level.

what does a mean mole in the eye?

The “ocular nevi” or moles in the eye are produced from the concentration of melanocytes, cells pigmented with melanin that are darker than the rest. They are usually found in the front, around the iris, but can also appear under the retina in the back. Although they usually appear in the first years of life or in youth, they can also appear later for various reasons, such as sun exposure.

Sun exposure can also cause moles on the eye.

These moles require a visit to the doctor but in general, like other moles on the skin, they do not have a bad impact on health. Moles in the eye are understood to be dangerous when the color of the iris changes, vision is poor, or there is redness or pain.

The good news is that moles in the eyeAccording to palmistry, they can announce talent or wisdom.

Moles on the sole of the foot in children

Moles are very common anywhere on the body. There are often people who are worried if they see that their children have new moles. And, although it is repeated that moles on the soles of the feet in children can be dangerous, according to specialists, this is only a myth.

when do they appear new moles in children?

  • By genetics: a child is more likely to have moles if their family (especially their father or mother) also have many.
  • Due to exposure to the sun: especially when this exposure is intense and intermittent (for example, after a vacation at the beach).
  • Because of the color of the skin: light-skinned people have moles more often than those with dark skin.

The interpretation of the moles on the feet:

Experts in reading moles say that moles on the foot herald emotional instability, a tendency to suffer from melancholic states and an inclination for sedentary work.

But don’t worry: to control the power of this genetic load, you can play sports or try to live a more active life.

Babies can have moles at birth, or they can appear later.

And you, do you have moles? Do you know what its meaning is?