The meaning of moles on the face according to their location

For centuries, people around the world have viewed beauty marks as containing a sense of meaning.

The mole reading is a chinese technique very common between the years 1,700-1,100 BC). This ancient technique is known as Melanomancy. The Imperial Chinese believed that beauty marks could predict one’s fortune and future, depending on the placement and tone of one’s body. During the Renaissance, women striving for fair skin would cover their blemishes with dots, disguising them as beauty marks.

Most people have moles, but they’ve probably never paid much attention to them. Do you have a particular mole in any area of ​​your face? Know what its meaning is.

Look at the image, compare it with your face and check where your mole is located.

1,2 and 3: As a child you were a mischievous rebel. You have an innate creativity and work goes better when you are left to do it on your own. Your superiors like your avant-garde attitude towards life. Likewise, these moles indicate that you are better off running your own company, and not working for other people.

4: It means that you often behave ostentatiously, which makes you appear exceptional. You usually fight a lot, but you are not spiteful. Such a mole suggests an explosive temper.

5: It means that you will live in well-being, but you will have to achieve it with your own effort. Your mole suggests that you do not trust others too much and that you go more by your own instinct and prudence. Don’t let third parties control your finances.

6: This mole indicates intelligence, creativity and artistic talents. Your abilities can assure you fame and money. You will be lucky and success will come to you only if you do not stop insisting.

7: Moles under the eyebrows indicate arguments with the older members of your family and, consequently, anger and sadness that influence your work and personal life. Only if you can explain all the misunderstandings with the relatives, you will achieve your own inner peace and you will be able to move on.

8: Due to your wasteful tendencies, your economic situation will always be tense. As if that were not enough, even if you do not know it, you are attracted to games of chance.

9: This mole poses many problems of a sexual nature.

10: A mole located just below the nose means absolute happiness of family life. You will have many children and grandchildren, whose support and help will bring you satisfaction, both emotionally and financially.

eleven: Another mole worth removing. This time, and especially if it is large and dark in color, it can involve various diseases.

12: This mole is an omen of great success and a balanced life. It predicts not only money, but also health. Likewise, every woman with such a mole is very lucky and is considered beautiful and elegant.

13: It means that your children will cause you various worries and relationships will not be very good. Being tolerant with them will be the only good solution for everyone.

14: This positioning of the mole suggests gastric sensitivity, which has to do with some food allergy, or gluttony (excessive appetite for food).

fifteen: You are a person who is constantly on the move. You like to learn new things and visit unknown places. You can’t stand staying in the same place for too long, you love travel and adventures, but you are also a very good observer.

16: You have to be careful with food and with your sexual relations: your two greatest weaknesses. Being prone to gaining weight can make you depressed, and the taste of getting into love affairs makes you feel remorseful.

17: You will achieve a very high position in society. You are an active participant in social life and a perfect interlocutor. However, you tend to brag about your success, which can negatively influence the way you are perceived.

18: You move constantly and there is no one to stop you. Your life will be full of many long trips, but keep in mind that every time you want to leave home and see the world, you must pay more attention to your health. So try to spend more time at home.

19: It means that you are lucky with money and friends, that is, you enjoy abundance in both aspects. A mole located here is certainly a good omen.

twenty: It can mean both immense happiness and great misfortune. It can assure you of inordinate fame, or dishonor and shame. You are creative and intelligent, but your talents can end up being used for both good and bad.

twenty-one: It is a good mole, since it ensures that you will never lack food or drink in your life. It will also bring you fame and prestige.

22: You lead a happy life and everything comes easily to you. For example, if you like to play sports, you will have a great opportunity to become a sports star. Likewise, moles at the ends of the eyebrows also suggest one’s authority and great influence on others.

23: This mole means that you have a high IQ and you are characterized by both vital and mental intelligence. You have a great capacity for survival and you are going to live an active, very long and valuable life surrounded by your family and friends.

24: It means that fame and fortune will come to you very soon. Do not waste them, but try to preserve them for years to come.

25: It means that you are going to enjoy great esteem and well-being, but be careful and do not exaggerate. The same way hold on of your main ends, and you will live long and happy.

26: Marks the tendency to live with the family in a traditional way. Balanced and social. He is inclined to support conservative ideas.



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