The Mayan legend of the hummingbird that moves children and adults

Hummingbirds are beautiful creatures, don’t you think? They are beautiful, light and so subtle that they almost go unnoticed. Plus, they are so colorful! With all these qualities, it is not surprising that it is one of the birds that generates the most admiration among adults and children.

Apparently, this is nothing new, as there is an ancient Mayan legend that says that hummingbirds exist in the world for a very special reason, and that they were a creation much loved by the gods.

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The Mayan Legend of the Hummingbird

The ancient Mayans say that the Gods created all things on Earth and, in doing so, each animal, each tree and each stone was entrusted with a job. But when they had finished, they noticed that there was no one in charge of carrying their wishes and thoughts from one place to another.

Since they no longer had mud or corn to make another animal, they took a jade stone and carved a very small arrow with it. When it was ready, they blew on it and the little arrow flew out. It was no longer a simple arrow, now it had life: the gods had created the x ts’unu’um, that is, the hummingbird.

Its feathers were so fragile and so light that the hummingbird could approach the most delicate flowers without moving a single petal. It shone in the sun like raindrops and reflected all colors.

So, the men tried to catch that beautiful bird to adorn themselves with its feathers. The Gods, seeing them, became angry and said that if anyone dared to catch a hummingbird, he would be punished.

That is why hummingbirds cannot be kept in cages. The Gods created them to fly freely.

But the Gods not only created these beautiful birds and made them free. They also assigned a job: the hummingbirds would have to carry from here to there the thoughts of men and of the Gods themselves.

That is why, according to legend, when a hummingbird suddenly appears before you, it is carrying a message of love and affection from someone who is thinking of you, from this earth or from beyond.

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