The invasions of the Asian peoples: The Pechenegs and Magyars. –

the pechenegs they were a Turkic people from the steppes of central Asia. 9th century they occupied a territory that bordered on the west with the Slavs and on the south and southwest with the Khazars and the Magyars.

the pressure of the goths forced them to cross the Don pushing the Magyars, who invaded the Slavic territories. The Pechenegs lived between the Rhine and the Danube protected by Byzantium, who used them against Magyars, Bulgarians, Russians and Khazars.

The Magyars, or Hungarians, settled from the end of the 9th century in the middle danubeterritory which received from them the name of Hungary. They continued to make inroads westward for two generations and on their raids, after devastating Saxony they reached the Campania, Apulia, Thuringia, Lorraine, Burgundy, Aquitaine and Provenceand even up to Septimania and Catalonia (924).

In their wake they destroyed the Christian temples and decimated the population. Their plundering expeditions in Germany lasted until their defeat, in 955, by Otto I.They ceased to be a danger to the West when his boss Varik (985) converted to Christianity.