The ingenious idea so that the air conditioning spends 90% less that has captivated Bill Gates

There is already enough talk about the ingenious idea so that the air conditioner spends 90% less. It is an advance work in laboratories: this new technology has captivated Bill Gates, who wants to finance it.

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Two laboratories advance these prototypes

We talked about the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Its development has high expectations: air conditioners that reduce energy consumption by 90%.

It seems like a perfect solution to the disaster of climate change. Also, they save a lot of money in countries where there are intense heat waves. Electric bills soar as much as thermometers.

For now they are just prototypes. However, they have given such good results in their first tests that many have set their sights on these air conditioning systems. Is a new green technology coming?

Blue Frontier’s industrial air conditioner lab prototype/Source: Blue Frontier

Bill Gates has a very positive opinion

The founder of Microsoft has maintained a very green stance for years. In fact, Bill Gates created an investment fund for sustainable energy called “Breakthrough Energy Ventures”.

Through the aforementioned fund, Gates already plans to help and become part of the company’s Blue Frontier program. He hopes to turn the “prototypes” into air conditioners for sale and affordable to the population.

The truth is that the matter of building air conditioning exudes a certain urgency. Each time, heat waves are less tolerable. We talked about how temperatures easily top the scorching 40° record.

To withstand these scorching environments, indoor air needs to be cooled. But it happens that air conditioning devices require a lot of energy. Consequence? Electric bills skyrocket!

Bill Gates has already transferred 20 million dollars to Blue Frontier. The technology developed is based on indirect evaporation and liquid desiccants. Apparently, they are systems that work perfectly in arid climates.

The photograph that travels the world in the face of the heat wave in Seville, Spain, July 12, 2022. (JORGE GUERRERO / AFP).

Less polluting devices

These are equipment that not only perform with less electricity. Added to its qualities is the low use of refrigerants. These substances have been banned for years, since they disrupt the integrity of the ozone layer.

This is how an amalgamation of “minimum electrical consumption and a small amount of refrigerant” is achieved. A promising perspective for the future, since the environment appreciates these devices in accordance with ecological urgencies.

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Can Bill Gates drive a turnaround in air conditioning issues? He already did it once in the computer world. Now, pecuniary help from him could change air cooling technologies.