The incredible reason why the ‘Harry Potter’ actress did not return to the saga after ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’

This is the American actress Zoe Wanamakerhis scenes were performed in the film adaptation of Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. While he was present in the books, this was the only movie where the character appeared.

If you are a fan of the saga, you will remember her as the flight teacher, Madame Rolanda Hooch. The chosen one taught the students of hogwarts to fly a magic broom in the first year, she was a strict witch, referee of Quidditch and trainer during the 1990s.

Apparently, the teacher did not have good experiences in the staff of the saga of novels of JK Rowling and opted not to be a part of future Harry Potter installments again.

The most surprising thing is that in the recent special produced by HBOknown as, return to hogwarts, the absence of the actress is noted. Didn’t it catch your attention?

In fact, precisely in 2001, the British newspaper The Telegraph exclusively published statements by wanamakerthere the actress was precise and briefly described her time in the franchise as “terrible”.

According to her: ‚ÄúSome actors signed a contract for three films, but the money was so little that I felt insulted and only signed for one. If they wanted me for a sequel, they would have to raise their fees.”

Another of Zoe’s reasons was linked to not having received any monetary benefit for using her image on Hooch’s skin through various merchandising items and even in a well-known video game.

What a contradiction! Despite being a star Hollywoodwhich in the popular imagination would be well paid, was not the case with Zoe Wanamaker since he terminated the contract, to be part of a new fantastic adventure, considering that the fees were not up to his talent.