The greatest study on couples: the cheated one always wins in the end

According to the results of a study through a survey of 5,705 people from 96 countries, those people who were deceived ultimately develop greater self-confidence. Research suggests that these actually “win” in life in the long run.

Although going through it is usually a devastating experience on an emotional and physical level in most cases, the general result is usually self-growth.

The study found that there are actually quite a few scientifically backed benefits to those who have been cheated on, mainly because they are no longer with a cheating partner, but also because they ultimately grow from the experience and learn to choose better partners in the future.

“Anyone who loses their partner to another will go through a period of post-relationship pain and betrayal. However, they will come out of the experience with heightened mating intelligence that will allow them to detect cues in future mates,” says the doctor Craig Morrisresearcher at the University of Binghamton and one of the study’s authors, who calls himself ‘Intersex Mate Competition and breakups: Quien really wins?’ and which has been published in the pages of ‘The Oxford Handbook of Women and Competition‘.

The study reports that six months to a year later, those who were cheated developed a higher emotional intelligencein addition to a greater self-confidence.

Contrary to what is usually thought, a narcissistic wound such as being the victim of a deception can be an opportunity for maturation

According to the research, women reported that after being caught infidelity they became more aware of how other women interact with their partner, have more self-confidence and greater self-awareness and independence in general.

Those who were tricked develop detection skills, which means that their next partner will probably treat them much better.

There is a wide range of ruptures and deceptions that are not so harmful to the subject, and it is these that allow an exercise of tolerance to frustration and maturation.

When a couple manages to recover from infidelity, the bond is strengthened. “Somehow, that crisis or the discovery or revelation of an infidelity makes the characters hit rock bottom and many times in that state of anguish they can have conversations that they never had before or speak with high levels of sincerity and depth”Explain Gabriella Rougierpsychologist specializing in couples therapy.

According to the specialist, the relationship prior to the infidelity ceases to exist and the challenge becomes going through the crisis or forgiving and building a second deeper and healthier relationship.



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