The good side and the dark side of people who were born in September

The month that begins brings the birthdays of our friends born in September. Surely you have someone you know who was born in this month, or you yourself are one of those who are reaching their birthday.

However, the truth is that people born in September are special for many reasons. Their intelligence and the depth of their dialogues make them good coffee companions, although they can be irritating at times.

But they have a huge heart and loyalty is very important to them. Do you want to know more about these people? Discover the best and the worst of those born and September.

they are realistic

People born in September are not very imaginative, but on the contrary have their feet on the ground.

They do not have problems with decision making, because they see things very clearly and without thinking about it. In this sense, it can be said that they are very practical people.

This way of being has the advantage that it helps them to face difficult situations without too many problems.

The bad? They can be very critical of their more creative friends or acquaintances, and they have a hard time making decisions guided by intuition.

love beauty

Those born in this month adore beauty in all its forms. From objects to people, they value what is beautiful and harmonic.

That is why they are usually very sensual and romantic people. Sometimes they can pass for superficial, but in reality they especially appreciate what they can register with their senses.

They can be very good artists, if they dedicate themselves to it.

They are very intelligent (if a bit irritating)

People born in September have enormous intelligence. They see things as they are, they are not fooled by fantasies, and they have no problems studying or solving logical problems.

This, however, becomes a flaw when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

Those born in September can be very sarcastic and have little tolerance for the thoughts of others, especially when it comes to matters not linked to logical thinking.

The fanciful beliefs of other people can be nice, but not very tolerable. Therefore, those with a more creative and less logical mind may find themselves uncomfortable with those born in September.

They have strong relationships

Be it romantic, friendship or even family relationships. When someone born in September loves someone, she will commit to that person to the fullest. So when he builds a relationship, it’s solid.

In general, their relationships are long-lasting, because September people have no problem making the commitment it takes to sustain the relationship. But even relationships that don’t last are intense.

The natives of September are very loyal and generous with the people they love, and as long as there is affection, they will do their best to take care of that person while they are in their lives.

They want to know everything

When they set out to find out something, those born in September will do so. They have a great nose for detecting when something is wrong, and they know how to pull the rope until they find the truth.

Better not lie to them! Not only will they find out, but they will have solid proof and they will leave you completely off side.

They like the hard sciences because in them everything has an explanation, and their desire for knowledge is infinite.

Do you feel that this list identifies your friend or friend born in September?