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The functions of a pedagogue in various work areas

would you like to learn the duties of a pedagogue And in what areas are they applied? Well, today we will tell you everything. The development of information technologies, the modification of the labor structure and the implantation of globalized values, pose new social realities. These require innovative responses from the educational system, which is why functions of a pedagogue, have multiplied in recent years.

In this aspect, it should be pointed out that the pedagogue is the specialist who intervenes in the training processes, through the use of methodological instruments and intervention for the prevention, diagnosis, assessment and treatment of the difficulties manifested in the teaching and learning. Therefore, the duties of a pedagoguetranscend their praxis as teacher classroom to characterize it as an agent of institutional activation.

What is pedagogy?

It is common to confuse the work of teachers and that of pedagogues Well, although both are dedicated to the educational field, each profession has a very different approach.

While teaching is the activity of teaching, that is, standing in front of a classroom to transmit knowledge to others; Pedagogy is a science that studies education in order to analyze and perfect it.

The pedagogy is charged with thoroughly understanding learningand to do so, some questions are usually asked such as: what is learning? How does it learn? What are the best techniques and practices for teaching? What are the educational problems and how can they be solved?

being education expertsthe functions of the pedagogue are more focused on research, planning, execution and evaluation of educational programs and strategies, as well as the creation of educational plans that serve people of all ages, social strata and cognitive abilities.

What are the professional opportunities of a pedagogue?

  • teaching. A pedagogue is trained to plan and teach at all educational levels, in addition, he knows how to identify educational problems to improve the learning process.
  • Training and teacher advice. The development and updating of teachers is essential to improve the educational level, pedagogues are in charge of identifying areas of opportunity and training teachers.
  • Directorate of educational institutions. Thanks to their technical and pedagogical knowledge of education, pedagogues are ideally suited to lead educational institutions.
  • Educational and professional counselor. Pedagogues are perfect advisers to define and achieve the educational and professional goals of children and adults.
  • Design of educational materials and programs. Publishers and companies specializing in education require experts who are capable of designing innovative teaching materials.
  • Management of human development projects. The Human Resources area of ​​the companies employs educators to diagnose the training and updating needs of their employees, with the aim of motivating professional growth.
  • Management of cultural and heritage projects. A pedagogue can offer consultancy on educational programs to foundations, museums, houses of culture and the media.

What will you find here?

The functions of a pedagogue in the school educational field

In the area educational, the pedagogue can perform various functions, from the most traditional ones linked to the academic and vocational guidance of students, to those related to new challenges in education, such as: inclusion and respect for diversity. Between the duties of a pedagoguein the current school context, are the following:

  • The design and development of plans for attention to diversity in educational institutions.
  • The development of reinforcement or curricular enrichment programs in specific areas, such as innovation programs.
  • Advice for the implementation of competency-based training models, which require a redesign of the curriculum and the application of new institutional evaluation systems.
  • The preparation and development of plans for teacher training.
  • Advice to families and the community on specific issues related to healthy coexistence, to name a few.

Others functions of a pedagogue schools are linked to the development, implementation and evaluation of awareness plans or programs to improve the schooling of vulnerable populations. Also, with the coordination of dissemination actions through the media, in order to stimulate the management of a more inclusive education.

The functions of a pedagogue in the business field

Currently, change is the only permanent thing. This imposes on organizations to accept flexibility and adaptability as strategies to guarantee their sustainability. The Business who intend to survive successfully in today’s complex environment, assume the development of a continuous process of learning organizational and personal, which is the objective of the Labor Pedagogy.

For this reason, the pedagogue labor plays a role, increasingly active, in all the processes that affect organizational learning. In the labor sphere, the duties of a pedagogue they connect with the study of the relationships between education and work. These are related to the evaluation of training needs and the development of job skills, organizational design, quality management and the performance of the organizational culture.

Between the duties of a pedagogue in the Business fieldThey are also:

  • The orientation and labor insertion.
  • The identification of occupational profile of the different charges.
  • The design, implementation and evaluation of training plans within the company itself.
  • The training of instructors in areas of knowledge and techniques related to the execution of specific tasks.
  • The design and evaluation of innovation programs.
  • Advice on the implementation of policies human Resourcescareer plans and knowledge management.

The pedagogue outside the classroom

As we mentioned before, the expert in pedagogy is a counselor, and as such can practice his profession outside the classroom, we already mentioned the example of companies but also duties of a pedagogue they can lead you to practice your profession in any place where orientation and educational training are required, such as prisons, psychiatric hospitals and nursing homes, among many others.

Leisure time can also be a time to learn, so the pedagogue usually takes part in addition to didactic orientation sessions in sporting or artistic events, teaming up with sports promoters, therapists and other teachers, for this he must have pedagogical sensitivity, also known as pedagogical tact. This sensitivity is what every teacher must have in the classroom to act effectively and quickly in a situation.

This sensitivity or pedagogical touch is not something that all people have, but rather it is something that must be developed, it is usually achieved during university studies but to achieve it, social sensitivity, moral intuition and even interpretive intelligence are required.

A good pedagogue will know how to communicate with his students, he will have a lot of empathy and should be willing to help and get involved in the students’ problems in order to help them overcome them. Acquiring this trust with students is not easy either, so you must also develop other qualities such as self-confidence, understanding and patience.

So as you can see, being a pedagogue is not easy and neither is being a teacher, since the duties of a pedagogue they go far beyond what most believe. Are you ready to be a good pedagogue?

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