The enigma of the huge stones that move on their own in full view of everyone

This mystery triggered endless speculation. The enigma of the huge stones that move on their own, and in full view of everyone, has always caused a stir. Such rocks are located in the Valley of Death, southeast of California, in the United States.

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The stones of the Valley of Death, do they move by themselves?

They are large rocks, weighing up to 300 kilos. They are on the desert floor, but they leave behind a trail of movement. Furthermore, there were never any eyewitnesses to this displacement.

The rocks bear the trace of their migration, but do they really move? For a long time the watchmen of the valley have watched the rocks… but they have not seen them move.

It is one of the extreme phenomena and other curiosities of our planet that had remained unsolved. But, in 2013, the people at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of San Diego, California, solved the mystery.

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The famous Valley of Death: a dreamlike setting

It is located in California, in the Mojave desert. It is one of the hottest places on the planet. It boasts the record for the highest air temperature in summer, reaching up to 57° Celsius.

The site boasts amazing landscapes. This is the reason why it has been selected in several movies as a setting. For example, numerous sequences of desert planets, in star warswere shot in Death Valley.

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The solution to this rocky mystery

Thanks to the University of San Diego an explanation was achieved. GPS technology was used, combined with a weather station. In addition, they had to use some replicas of the rocks, since they were not allowed to use the real ones.

– There are times of the year when the floor of Death Valley is not dry: it is covered with a surface of water, a liquid layer of about 7 cm. The water runs off from the surrounding mountains.

– At night, temperatures drop a lot, causing the water to freeze.

– The movement of the stones happens during the day: when the sun rises and the ice breaks. Ice shards become floating tiles.

– The winds of Death Valley push the rocks.

– At what speed do these stones move? They do it slowly: an average of two (2) meters per hour.

This enigma has been deciphered with great patience, as the group of scientists took two years to clarify the matter. It was a puzzle similar to those of the Nazca Lines, but it has had a scientific verification.

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Since when did the ins and outs of these rocks exist? Well, for decades. There were even theories that were about aliens and spirits that pushed them. But science elucidated the reality!