The cats that were postmen in Belgium –

Throughout history, man has not stopped investigating the different forms of communication and how to evolve in these processes. In the 21st century we have managed to communicate with applications such as WhatsApp With which we can talk to people thousands and thousands of kilometers away and even make video calls from almost anywhere in the world.

Further back in time we have known other communication systems such as carrier pigeons or horses between twelfth centuries Y 19th in many cities of Russia, or the sled dogs (including reindeer) in Alaska either Canada.

But one of the most exciting stories in the world of communication concerns Belgium in the year in 1837when email and video calls they were light years away from being viable. It was then that the Belgians decided to make cats a useful communication tool, since they inhabited all the streets of the country. In this way, the letters were wrapped in bags that protected them from any complicated feat of the feline that, after the appropriate indications, went to the recipient’s place to deliver the message.

On many occasions the letters did not reach the requested destination because the cats suffered impediments along the way or a dog took them away as a game. There was also a clear problem with delivery times because the cats, very fond of being independent and taking long walks, could go with the letter around the city, although some cats did get their messages on time.

Due to the exposed and foreseeable problems, the majority of cats (of the 37 who borrowed) were fired from this task.

The information comes from a very interesting book that tells the story based on this fact that occurred in Belgium. Here is the link:

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