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If you are a tennis lover, you will like this post, because we are going to review The best tennis players in history, to remember his biography and milestones. This is a post that sports lovers should not stop reading.

To succeed in the world of sports, it is necessary to have determination, perseverance, discipline and, of course, talent, however, none of that makes you enter the Olympus, because the titles are the ones that serve as a key to that heaven sports.

In the case of tennis, the maximum aspiration, as well as the measuring stick or meter, is the Grand Slam victoryto which not many have agreed and to which others who have, is difficult to repeat.

Based on the number of Grand Slams won, we have compiled a list with the best tennis players in historyincluding some of the most recent or still active, let’s get started!

*All tennis players who have an asterisk next to their name

means they are active (October 2019).

Roger Federer

The Swiss tennis player is, perhaps, the most famous in the entire history of this sport. He has been a professional since 1998, so he has been active for more than 2 decades and… at what level! achieving victory in 20 Grand Slams.

Currently, Federer is not too interested in the ranking, but in his physical form, since he knows that there is not much left before his retirement from the sport, so he wants to make the most of what he has left.

We will always be grateful to you, Your Majesty!

Rafael Nadal

The Spanish tennis player born in Mallorca has 19 Grand Slams, being close to surpassing the 20 of his colleague Federer in a short time, especially considering that he is 5 years younger than the Swiss (33 years).

The left-hander has led the famous ATP ranking on more than one occasion, as well as winning many of the competitions in which he has participated, including the Olympic Games (Beijing, singles; Rio de Janeiro, doubles).

Rafa, without a doubt, whether or not he catches up with Federer, should be on the list of the best tennis players in history. And besides, the good news is that he is a tennis player who is still active and is young, so he can still achieve many triumphs and make those of us who are his followers and know the world of tennis enjoy themselves.

Novak Djokovic

The Serbian is another of the current tennis players that we place in the top three, with 16 Grand Slams, he is in third place on the list, which confirms that we live in one of the best generations of tennis players in history.

One of the virtues, as well as difficulties, is that he has had to face two of the greatest in the history of this sport, Nadal and Federer; Even so, this has not prevented him from winning titles several times, showing what he is made of. But far from rivalries, the beauty of sport is that we can enjoy a good number of professionals who give us unprecedented sportsmanship. Sport is a team thing, even if a game is played individually.

Also know: Unlike his colleagues above, this 32-year-old tennis player has not managed to get hold of anyolympic gold medal

being his highest recognition the bronze medal in Beijing 2008 in singles, where Nadal took the gold.

Peter Sampras Sampras, who is currently 48 years old, has been retiring from tennis for years. And he has14 grand slams

a feat that has made tennis spread throughout the world thanks to him, especially thanks to the emotion of the duels with his compatriot Agassi. Another of the achievements or marks that demonstrate the quality of Sampras is that he managed to remain as number 1 of the ATP ranking

for 286 consecutive weeks, surpassed only by Roger Federer.

Bjorn Borg

Also retired, this 61-year-old Swedish star is currently the first tennis player to win over 10 Grand Slams (he won 11), without a doubt, he is one of the most important Swedish athletes in history. Retired in 1984, he managedwin Wimbledon-Roland Garros three times in a row


Ivan Lendl

This Czechoslovakian nationalized American tennis player, upon turning 32, has 8 Grand Slams to his credit, and he is also the one who closes the podium of the tennis players who remained the longest at number 1 in the ATP ranking (270 weeks).

Andre Agassi Of Armenian origin, he is another of the great tennis players that the USA has given us, as we have told you before, it is important to highlight his excitingduels with Sampras

. In his case, he also has 8 Grand Slams. He is married to one of the best tennis players in history, the German Steffi Graf.

Also know the history of the Spanish National Team:

Jimmy Conners He is one of the oldest tennis players on this list, however, he is still in force with many of the records in the sport, he also has8 grand slams

being, therefore, the three tennis players with 8 North American Grand Slams.

John McEnroe The list of North American tennis players is endless, he was born in Germany, has7 grand slams

; He is one of the players who is remembered the most not only for his quality, but also for his temperament, which generated many conflicts on the field, having problems with rivals or the referee.

He is also remembered for his duels with tennis players of the caliber of Lendl, Connors or Borg.

Mats Wilander The second Swede in number of Grand Slams (7) behind Borg, among his achievements is reaching the davis cup final 7

times in a row together with his colleague Edberg on behalf of his nation, Sweden. These arethe 10 best tennis players in history following the list ofgreatest Grand Slam winners in history

In addition to them we have other famous names such as:

Edberg (6) – Sweden

Becker (6) – Germany

Laver (5) – Australia

Newcombe (5) – Australia

Rosewall (4) – Australia

Vilas (4) – Argentina

Courier (4) – USA

Also, if we go by the GS, some of the great tennis players who have won the Grand Slam in the past (who are still active) may increase their account, such as:

Murray (3) – UK

Wawrinka (3) – Switzerland

del Potro (1) – Argentina

Cilic (1) – Croatia

William Vilas

Nothing less than 46 games won without losing a single one, that is, consecutively, is what is worth being present in our list of the best tennis players in the world. In addition, he is credited with 16 titles won and 130 wins. These are difficult figures to beat, especially if you are talking not of a lifetime, but of just one season! Knowing all this, we can consider William Vilas

as a clay court specialist. But there are more prizes, because he won 2 Australian Open and 1 US Open. Wimbledon was not his strong point, but he too was a finalist, reaching the quarterfinals in 1975 and 1976.

Boris Becker We could not make a list of elite tennis players without including in itBoris Becker . The youth with which he got hisfirst win ,Wimbledon ,just 17 years old . This winner of two Davis Cups, has won 6 Grand Slams, including 3 Wimbledon, 2 Us Open, and 2 Australian Open. The Roland Garros it was not his strong point but still forthree times reached the semi-finals


The origins of tennis Having presented these authentic monsters of tennis, we want to give you a brief summary of how this sports discipline emerged, just in case you don’t know it.Tennis has its origin in Europe alate 18th century . Where it first spread was through theEnglish-speaking countries

but then he did it to the rest of the countries.

However, it took a while for tennis to become a professional sport. He did it in 1926 with the creation of the first tour. Although at first it was a sport reserved for the elites, now any of us can appreciate the benefits of this game and have a great time watching a game, or even playing a game of tennis if we have decided to take that step, either amateur or professional level. Finally, we want to thank you for your time and interest in this classification ofthe best tennis players in history to date

hoping that some of the names continue to reap many more victories, as well as new promises that never cease to enchant us or fall in love through this beautiful sport, until next time!

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