The best questions and answers of History –

Who doesn’t like questions and answers? They solve doubts, provide data, entertain us. And more if they are the famous questions and answers published in the legendary magazine Very interesting. Now a book with the best selection has been published.

The most curious questions and answers of the mythical magazine
popular science, gathered in a single book.

Where did the Cossacks live? How were medieval castles raided? What was the first European state to abolish the death penalty? What city was founded in honor of a horse? Were the Teutonic Knights German?

These are some of the questions included in the book The best questions and answers of Very Interesting, a book endorsed by the trajectory of a mythical magazine of popular science as it is Very interesting. The question and answer section is one of the most successful in the magazine.

Very interesting It is one of the most widely read and prestigious magazines. It is a magazine that deals with popularization issues related to the human being and nature. Reports, curiosities, questions and answers are just some of the sections that have been attracting readers for decades. Today, it also publishes a digital magazine and specialized titles for different sectors of society: very junior for the youngest of the house and very history for those who are passionate about history.