The best current Spanish painters –

We all know the most important painters in history, it is studied in schools and is part of the general culture, but do you know the current Spanish painters? In this article we are going to bring you the best current Spanish painters, so that you can discover all the beauty that is still being created today.

This article is a continuation of the article titled the most famous Spanish painters in history and their most important works.

Miquel Barcelo

It is considered one of the most famous contemporary spanish painters. Through his painter we can see the different pictorial styles with which he has experimented, from action painting to abstract expressionism or figuration, he is considered close to the neo-expressionist current.

The sea is one of his great influences but not only that. This Mallorcan lives between Paris, Mallorca and Mali, he has his studio near the Cliffs of Bandiagara. He is considered to be a very prominent artist internationally.

In 2003 he received the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts, but has more awards, prizes and distinctions. To give you an idea of ​​the price of his works, his painting Faena de Muleta was sold at auction for 4.4 million euros.

Jose Royo

He was born in 1941 in Valencia and developed his talent early, all of this combined with private tutors from an early age and admission at the age of 14 to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia, continuing his training in later years with tutors.

He has held exhibitions around the world and has managed to dazzle in each one of them. Although he has painted illustrious people on the Spanish scene, nothing beats the beauty of his works inspired by the Mediterranean. An author who can remind you of Sorolla for the use of light and his technique, and if you investigate a little you will be captivated by the innumerable portraits of women he has made.

louis feito

The abstract work you see is N.133, a work of great contrasts, of a play of light and shadow that transmits great strength. It is by Luis Feito, a painter born in Madrid who began with a figurative work, later cubist and currently creates abstract works that have emerged after the influence of Surrealist Automatism.

He is part of and founder of the El Paso group, together with Manolo Millares and Antonio Saura.

Lita Cabellut

Born in Huesca, she has lived in Barcelona and later in The Hague (The Netherlands). She is one of the most famous and sought-after female painters in the world of contemporary Spanish artalthough she is really a multidisciplinary artist: drawings on paper, sculptures, photography, scenery, installations, poetry, visual poems and videos.

The best-known works in the world are his large-scale canvas paintings, with an overwhelming feeling. The technique he uses is a contemporary version of the frescowhich is characterized by light and cracked textures.

His fame is so great that he has exhibited in many international museums such as the Seoul Arts Center, Korea; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sicily, Italy; CSMVS and Mumbai, India. In turn, some of his works are exhibited as permanent collections in museums around the world, from the Goya IberCaja Museum (Zaragoza, Spain) to Théâtre Mogador (France), the Paul van Rensch Foundation (Netherlands) or the Fendi Collection ( Italy), among others.

George Castillo

This artist from Pontevedra has lived in different countries and cities, highlighting the years he spent in Argentina, but he has also lived in other cities intrinsically related to art, such as Paris or New York.

In addition to painting, he also creates sculptures, and he has not remained solely in a technique or pictorial style, but rather that it flows. Among the artists who have inspired him are Dalí and Picasso.

Manolo Valdes

Manolo Valdés is a contemporary Spanish artist who currently works and lives in New York. He is a clear referent of Pop Art and creates true works of social and political criticism, sweetened with satire and humor that make them really delicious.

Among the artists who inspire him are Rembrandt, Velázquez or Rubens, an inspiration that can be seen in many of his works, painting women with the same techniques, styles and colors as them. On this occasion I have selected the work Matisse as Pretext with Ocher and Mirror, one of my favorites and which was auctioned for 430 thousand pounds in 2019.

Joseph Baptist

José Bautista is a plastic artist, doctor of Fine Arts and has received numerous awards and distinctions since its inception. He has worked on poster design, set design, painting… And in each of the areas he has found recognition from viewers. He has held both individual and group exhibitions where it has also been possible to see his career and the artistic influence he received from him, such as his passage through abstract expressionism, impressionism and fauvism.

He has exhibited throughout the national territory but his work has also reached other countries such as the European Parliament headquarters in Strasbourg (France), Atlanta Georgia (United States), Germany, international fairs such as Lineart in Ghent (Belgium) and The Hague ( Netherlands), United Nations headquarters in Vienna (Austria).

He is the founder of the Cultural Association, with which he tries to bring the world of art closer to the public.

Rosana Antoli

Among the emerging artists is Rosana Antolí, who was already chosen a few years ago by SCAN as one of the young artists to follow in order to enjoy her development. As she herself describes, her work is an intersection between everyday life, politics and art, showing and bringing to light human behavior, in order to make the viewer question those behaviors that are subtly imposed.


José Manuel Merello is another of the contemporary painters, with a very different style from the previous one and who can also leave you completely impressed through the use of color, geometric shapes and his compositions.