The benefits of a couple sleeping in separate rooms, according to psychologists

Many families practice separate sleeping. Those who follow this habit explain that it is very comfortable, since it allows each one to have a good night’s sleep, and even strengthens the relationship in the long term.

For a long time, it has been a “taboo” subject to that the couple sleep in separate beds. But some psychologists explain all the Benefits that this can have.

1. Differences in desired temperature

We start from the most basic. Sometimes the wife prefers the room to be warmer and the husband to prefer the cooler, causing conflicts in air conditioning or heating settings, choice of bedding, etc.

2. One of you is a light sleeper

If this is so, the movements of the other could cause you a lot of discomfort.

3. Necessity of space

Many people love to sleep in the “starfish” position, so your partner may get in the way.

If you miss him/her, the next day you want to be with him/her more and that could be a plus

4. Different working hours

This is especially problematic and it is better to opt for the most comfortable solution for both, which is separation, in many cases.

5. Snoring

It’s hard to fall asleep when someone is roaring like a lion right next to you.

Advice for people who have conflicts when sleeping

In case there is no opportunity to sleep in different rooms, it is necessary to find a way in which both of you can rest.

The mattress should be big enough for both of you to sleep comfortably.

If one of the two snores, the doctor should be consulted to resolve any health situation that causes this problem.

And most importantly – the bedroom should be a place to rest: electronic devices should not be placed there.

Getting enough sleep in good conditions can lead to a better mood and more positive interactions with your partner.

And you do you think? Do you sleep in the same bed as your partner or do you sleep in separate beds?