The astrological meaning of Saturn: 3 signs for which it is very important

For people who give importance to the stars and consider them sources of energy of great importance in their lives, knowing in depth the planets of the Solar System and their effect on people is something very relevant that can say a lot about our personality and characteristics. .

In astrology and philosophy, Saturn is the planet of melancholy and longing. Therefore, this planet is strongly associated with responsibility, concentration, perseverance, self-criticism, justice, maturation and improvement. In addition, Saturn, due to its relationship with the Greek god of time, is considered to transmit structure and discipline to build our lives in an integral way.

On December 21, 2017, Saturn entered the constellation of Capricorn, where it will maintain its zodiacal movement for approximately 2 and a half years. This is important because the sign of Capricorn is where Saturn feels most comfortable and where his faculties are at their best.

In addition to Capricorn, Saturn is linked to Libra (the balance) and Aquarius, due to its relationship with justice and with lead. Lead and its relation to Aquarius are of paramount importance in the science and art of alchemy. It is believed that the very word “alchemy” comes from kheme, which means Egypt (the black earth) and this also seems to be related to melancholy (black bile), which we already know is a feeling associated with Saturn.

In alchemy, the first step for the transmutation of matter is known as nigredo, and it consists of producing the raw material with which an ordinary substance will be transformed into a superior one (gold). In this way the relationship with the element of earth and Saturn is established.

Many experts over the centuries have investigated the relationship of Saturn with our mood and our characteristics. It is considered true that people born during a dominant Saturn (as it is right now) are taciturn, lonely and thinkers. This makes them more likely to gravitate toward the hard sciences like mathematics, astronomy, alchemy, and philosophy in its most abstract and absolute form.

Some of the historical figures born under dominant Saturn were Ficino and Plato (philosophers), Kepler (astronomer), and Newton (physicist), among others.

As you can see, there is a very deep relationship between Saturn and alchemy (which means “the blackest earth”), which in turn relates it, both because of its color and its aptitudes, to loneliness and a tendency towards the sciences. factual

During the next two and a half to three years, its effects will be felt with greater intensity and it may be a good time to value its importance in our lives, our mood and the stars in general.