The Army in the Assyrian Empire –

The assyrians They organized one of the state mightiest of ancient times. Its original location was in the area of Assyria or Upper Mesopotamiawhere they organized their society from approximately the 14th century BC The period of splendor of this town came with the consolidation of the Empire Assyrian and its expansion throughout the Near East culminating in the seventh century. Such territorial expansion is due to the mighty army that have already created violence and submission to the peoples of the region.

The base of assyrian empire was a professional army, which was made up of hired mercenaries and Assyrian soldiers. There were different divisions within him. The infantry consisted of archers and warriors with shields and spears. Cavalry were useful in more mountainous areas and carried two soldiers, one with a bow and one with a shield.

In turn, they had powerful two-wheeled war chariots pulled by one or more horses. Each chariot carried a driver, an archer, and a soldier with shields. The army they also used technology for war and for this they had engineering corps that developed techniques to tear down walls or find a way to cross large rivers.

The Assyrians harnessed their power to to conquer large areas. The dominated peoples suffered all kinds of submissions, including massacres, mutilations and deportations (taking an entire prisoner population to lands far from their own). The objective of such bloody measures was to break the union of the defeated peoples. In turn, they were imposed tribute obligatory for which the inhabitants had to pay with their products to the Assyrians and participate in forced labor.

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