The abdications of Bayonne –

We continue on overstory reviewing the main ups and downs of the Spanish War of Independence. In the previous article, in which we talked about the Napoleonic invasion a Spain, We briefly mention the Bayonne abdications. This historical fact determined the destiny of the Spanish people and also that of the American colonies.

Although it is not possible in history Asking ourselves “what would have happened if…?”, the context of the time makes us think that if the Spanish royal family had acted differently avoiding the loss of the Spanish throne, the powerful expansive machinery of Napoleon would have also penetrated Spainwith or without “legitimacy”.

The truth is that Napoleon he managed to concoct a complex web of deceit, taking advantage of the conflicts of power between Charles IV, your son Ferdinand VII Y Manuel Godoy (Prime Minister of Charles IV).

These conflicts had erupted, just weeks before, in what became known as the Mutiny of Aranjuez. On March 19, 1808, the prime minister was removed from his posts and honors during an assault on his palace, under the orders of the prince Ferdinand. As a consequence of this coup Charles IV abdicated and Ferdinand VII assumed as King of Spain.

In this situation Charles IV sought to approach Napoleon to get the support of France and traveled to the French city of Bayonne where the emperor awaited him. Ferdinand VII also went to Bayonne where he sought to obtain support that would legitimize his reign. There both were pressured by Napoleon to abdicate in his favor. Obtained the rights to the throne of Spain, Napoleon he passed them in favor of his brother Joseph Bonaparte.

This meant the end -momentary- of the Bourbons on the Spanish throne, and the assumption of the House Bonaparte who would last only 6 years in power. Years marked by the struggle of Spain for expelling the French. It was the origin of the Spanish War of Independence which we will talk about in our next article.




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