The 7 most colorful animals on the planet

Every day, nature gives us a beautiful gallery of works of art, in this opportunity, we will be able to appreciate the most colorful animals on the planet.

There is no place exempt from the wonders of the earth, everywhere we find evidence of it. Here, some of the most colorful animals on planet earth:

Portuguese man-of-war

Called the Portuguese man-of-war, its scientific name is Physalia physalis, although depending on the country it is also known as the Portuguese frigate, bad water, blue bottle or false jellyfish.

It is usually found in the open ocean in all the warm waters of the planet, especially in the tropical and subtropical regions of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, as well as in the Atlantic Gulf Stream. Despite its beautiful colors, you have to be careful, its dangerous and very painful sting.

colored fan lizard

It is known as the colored fan lizard or the colored fan lizard, however, its scientific name is Sitana ponticeriana, it is a species of the agamid family and the genus Sitana. It is typical of South Asia. As a defense mechanism, to flee, it sometimes uses bipedal locomotion.

tiger salamander

Due to its particular colors it is known as a tiger salamander, identified by science as Ambystomatigrinum, it is a species of amphibian, also known as the eastern tiger salamander. Its length is from 15 to 21 cm, and can even reach 33 cm.


It is probably the most famous for its colors, it is known as the common peacock, and scientifically as Pavo cristatus, it is a species of galliform bird of the Phasianidae family, since ancient times it stood out among the animals admired by the human being because of the particular polychrome fan that it It constitutes the tail of the males.

rainbow lory

The rainbow lory, known to scientists as Trichoglossus haematodus, is a species of psittaciform bird in the Psittaculidae family found in New Guinea, Indonesia, Timor, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, and the eastern coast of Australia.

It has about twenty subspecies, which are distinguished by the color patterns of the plumage. It lives in all types of habitats, especially in the rain forests, coastal thickets and wooded areas, forming flocks of 5 to 20 individuals. It measures 25 to 32 cm long, depending on the subspecies.

macaw macaw

Popularly known as the Macaw Macaw and identified by scientists as Aramacao, it is a species of bird belonging to the Psittacidae family. It reaches 90 cm in length and 1 kg in weight. It is distinguished by its colorful plumage, which is mainly scarlet red, complemented by some blue and yellow feathers with green on the wings and tail.


The bee-eater, identified as Merops apiaster, is a species of bird of the Meropidae family that lives in Eurasia and Africa. It is characterized by the polychromy of its plumage. It measures between 25 and 29 cm long, weighs between 50 and 70 gr. It stands out for the multitude of colors it presents: blue chest, greenish belly, cinnamon head and yellow neck.