The 5 prophecies of Parravicini that have already been fulfilled and one that has not yet that will give you goosebumps

Solari Parravicini was an Argentine artist who became famous throughout the world for having made illustrations that were themselves a prophecy. Using a sheet of paper and a pencil, Parravicini predicted bombs, scientific advances, and cultural changes. These are psychographics, premonitory illustrations that in a certain way anticipated key events for history.

Among Parravicini’s most amazing prophecies are some like the one about the attack on the Twin Towers: he drew it before his death in 1974. For this reason, some call him “the Nostradamus of America”.

What other Parravicini prophecies have already been fulfilled? And what awaits us for the future?

Parravicini’s prophecies that have already been fulfilled

Beneath each illustration, Parravicini wrote a text:

1. Twin Towers

“The freedom of America will lose its light. Her torch will not shine like yesterday and the monument will be attacked twice.”
(Drawing from 1939 – The attack was in 2001)

2. Fidel Castro

“Cabeza de Barba will seem holy but it will not be and will light up the Antilles”.
(Drawing from 1937 – Castro was president of his country as prime minister in 1959)

3. Artificial heart

“The heart will be artificial in the year 66”
(Drawing from 1938 – In 1966 was the first artificial heart transplant)

4. Pope Francis

“New era arrives! World in disguise. Perennial masquerade”, at the top and“ The church will hand over the granting of it to the renunciation of the Papacy and the new one will be young of ideas”,
(Drawing from 1972- Joseph Ratzinger resigned as Pope Benedict XVI in 2013. His successor was Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio)

5. Dog to space

“The dog will be the first flyer.”

And what about the future?

“Beginning of the end, the one man band of North America will be killed”
“North America will get the right shot. There will be a political crime in a change of direction, it will suffer, its stability and freedom will be endangered.”

Some specialists in the analysis of Parravicini’s prophecies point out that this prophecy could refer to the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

He has already done the same with the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, when in 1940 he said: “An American golfer governs and they kill him young”, and 23 years later, it made sense.

another prophecy

Another of Parravicinni’s prophecies states that: “The mechanical world man will be a new non-human class in humanity. Danger!” (Drawing from 1972).

What do you think about this?