The 5 new predictions of Elon Musk that could change the world

We are going to describe the 5 new predictions of Elon Musk that could change the world. The founding tycoon of Telsa predicts five edges in the future: cryptocurrencies, drugs, energy crisis, robots and starlinks.

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The peculiar forecasts of Elon Musk

Recently, he confessed that he had Asperger’s syndrome. In addition, he has become a person wanted by journalists and whose statements go viral in geek environments. About the future of the world, he asserts the following:


Consider that Bitcoin and Blockchain are here to stay. For the creator of the Tesla company, central banks must disappear. In his opinion, cryptocurrencies will be the ones that take over the world.

In addition, it is a way for technology to enter the spheres of the global economy. After all, these virtual currencies are born from computing and are novel assets that you will crown in the future.


He believes that, in the end, all drugs will be accepted and their illegality will be ended. We will stop looking at the negative side of these substances. The new generations will have political maturity to validate their virtues.

Musk himself claims to have used LSD. He assumes that many have used drugs, but they prefer to keep this a secret. In the future, the taboo on these substances will be diluted and their spending will be normal.


Elon Musk’s ideas are paradoxical: he confirms that the heyday of electric cars will lead to an exaggerated demand for this energy. Musk believes that global electricity demands will double for this reason.

The strange thing that Elos Musk has founded the Tesla company: a large industry that makes electric cars. Even so, his opinions throw darts against the massification of these vehicles, which would detonate the demand for electricity.


He doesn’t think it’s just science fiction. In his opinion, the robots will look like bipedal human beings and will be interconnected. He even revealed that Tesla is building a humanoid robot.

Making some jokes, he made reminiscences of the movies of terminator. He insisted that these creations are inevitable, since the ability to make them and the technology is always ahead in the world.


The last of his predictions is about this Internet satellite network. It is a broadband connection with low latency. All this at a low cost, being a technology that will make notable changes in the dynamics of the world.

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What do you think of the omens of Elon Musk? Some are controversial, unexpected and even extravagant. Every word of the founder of Tesla is taken into account and he is a character in the viral focus of technology in the world.