Test: how is your chin? Discover what its shape reveals

The shape of our face has some aspects that make it unique and unrepeatable, one of them is our chin or chin. In particular, we refer to the lower end of our face, a feature that for many is essential for recognition.

Now, this will not only show us the particularity of each person’s face, but also some aspects of their personality that sometimes go unnoticed. Of course, it is never good to judge someone by appearances, however, there are many things here that other people ignore.

This information is based on Chinese face reading that was popularized thousands of years ago. Locate your chin type among these alternatives and discover what it says about you and your personality. Are you ready?

1. Square chin

People with this type of chin are characterized by being stubborn and stubborn to a point that is sometimes excessive. They tend to be a bit aggressive, they do not express themselves easily and on certain occasions they do not measure what they say. They are very proud and it is common for them to keep up appearances a lot.

2. Narrow chin

This type of chin is characteristic of strong-minded and intelligent people. In this case, the people who own it can also be neurotic and critical.

3. Protruding chin

If your chin sticks out a little when viewed from the side, it means that you are a self-confident person and that you are someone who really likes work. However, you may also be very cold and have a hard time expressing your feelings.

4. Rounded chin

People with this type of chin are very emotional. Everything is based on your feelings. Also, they are very optimistic. They have many friends and are very lucky in life. According to ancient Chinese proverbs, these people have worked hard in their previous lives and so they now enjoy a happy life.

5. Elongated chin

People who have this characteristic on their chins are loyal, easy to get along with, and very friendly. They are usually beings with abundant families.

6. Low Chin

People who have this type of chin are easygoing beings, very popular and very lucky in money. However, they are not very self-confident people and tend to make the wrong decisions.