TEST: Do you want to know your true mission in this life? Choose a pen and discover it

There is a mission in the life of each person. Not all of us have come to this world to do the same.

The mission is not the same as the profession, and it is not directly related to what we do every day. Our mission is what we can contribute to make the world a better place.

Do you want to know which one is yours? Choose the pen with which you identify and discover it.

1. Create

If you have chosen the first pen, it is because your mission in life has to do with creating. You are a person with an original and personal look, and with the ability to make what you dream of come true.

If what the world needs to be a better place is not invented, you are destined to create it.

2. Take care

If you have chosen the second feather, it is because you are a super sensitive and empathetic person, who is always taking care of others. Your mission in the world is to be company, support and security for the people around you.

Sometimes it can be hard, and you should not forget to take care of yourself too. But your mission is always to be that person that others turn to, you have a generous soul and the gift of protecting others from the world and from themselves.

3. Heal

If you chose the third feather, your mission in this life is to heal. You are a person with a great inner life, and you have the ability to discover what others need, what hurts them, what they lack.

Therefore, your gift is to help the people around you to find their healing. You are, to put it in some way, that person who guides and accompanies the steps of your environment.

4. Sow

If you have chosen pen 4 it is because you are a person with many ideas, you have attitude and energy, and you always want to do new things. Your mission is to infect that energy in others.

Sow in the hearts of those around you the desire, faith, enthusiasm and everything that you have left over. Many times, you may even end up emptying yourself to breathe energy into others. Don’t worry, you’ve done the right thing.