Tell me what your forehead is like and I will tell you how you are. It will surprise you!

High foreheads are usually associated with intelligent, cultured people who set an example to others. fronts short ones are the most desired by women, since they make their face take on better proportions. However, few know that the appearance of one’s forehead does not only have to do with clearly aesthetic issues.

The ability to read from the face or physiognomy It is a fascinating ancient technique and art, which allows discovering the details of the personality, how it unfolds in life and its health condition.

From studying it you can discover things that will surprise you!

Type 1: Wide forehead

Many people with wide foreheads, especially women, do not like their forehead. It is sometimes said to be a five-fingered forehead because of how wide it is. It occupies a large part of the head. People prefer to hide them under their bangs and… why do it? It’s something you should be happy about!

A wide forehead says that the person who “wears” it is very intelligent. Also, people with wide foreheads have numerous abilities. They are able to complete any job they are given and not only on time, but well ahead of schedule. They don’t need much explanation. They have a sixth sense and can sense that something is going to happen long before other people.

Type 2: Narrow forehead

After describing the personality of people with a wide forehead, it makes sense to head to the opposite side of the spectrum of forehead types and describe a narrow forehead. The wide forehead says that people are very intelligent, but that does not mean that those with a narrow forehead are much less so. No way. However, one of the main qualities of people with this forehead is to be very emotional.

The voice they listen to most carefully is that of their heart, and sometimes they may forget to use their rational mind. Usually, these people are quite lonely. They don’t necessarily have to feel lonely, but they don’t like crowds and avoid being the center of attention.

Type 3: Straight forehead

As you can see in the image, this type of forehead is called straight because the hairline at the tip of the forehead is straight. In the same way that their forehead is straight, these people make their life a straight line. They like to lead a simple life. They are such strict people that they would never neglect their own needs and happiness just because the rules force them to.

They are very careful and delicate people. If they give their heart to someone, they do it forever. Of course, this does not mean that they do not cut relationships with their partners, but they always reserve a special place for their exes in their hearts. That’s why it’s hard to make a person like this fall in love with you. You really have to deserve it.

Type 4: Curved forehead

In the same way that there are people with straight foreheads, there are also people with curved foreheads. This means that the hairline makes a curve along the head, as you can see in the image. These people are full of life and very positive. They are capable of brightening up an entire room as soon as they enter it. Everyone around you wants to make a good impression in your eyes, albeit subconsciously.

These people are true human magnets that attract positive emotions and joyful moments. Sometimes they suffer because there are people who are envious of their positive energy and try to diminish it with painful words. Sometimes they do it at all costs.

Type 5: M-shaped forehead

This type of forehead resembles the letter M because the center part of your forehead is slightly prominent, forming two arches. If this is your type of forehead, you will surely not be surprised that it is a sign of a very vivid imagination. I mean, very, very vivid. These people always walk with their heads in the clouds and rarely descend because they find it very boring. If so many interesting things can happen inside your head, why go back to reality? Most of these people have a flair for art and are often actors, writers or painters.

Type 6: Front in the form of Mount Fuji

The forehead of these people looks a bit like the top of a mountain and that is why it receives this peculiar name. If you compare the image above with that of Mount Fuji, you will understand that they are similar. If you have this type of forehead, you are very lucky because not only is it very rare, it also says that you are a very soft and kind person. You are very social. You do not find any problem in working with other people. You don’t like to be the leader, but you always share your opinion very directly and confidently. You know what you want and you know how to get it.

Type 7: Acute forehead

People with this type of forehead are described in a simple way: they are stubborn. They will do everything so that things go in the direction that they have proposed. Sometimes they even force it not because they have to, but to satisfy their desires. In everyday conversations they are often ironic, including conversations with their superiors.


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