Teachers say goodbye to their students for fear that the Taliban will ban female education

A heartbreaking image of students at an Afghan school has gone viral on social media. Shabnam Nasimi, director of the Conservative Friends of Afghanistan, posted an image on Twitter showing teachers saying goodbye to female students now that the Taliban have retaken control of the country.

Afghanistan has enjoyed more than a decade of women being able to go to school after the Taliban was overthrown by an international military effort.

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The invisibility of women

When the militant organization was last in power, women were banned from education and virtually “erased from civic life.” Women were not allowed to leave their homes unless they had a male partner and were sentenced to a life of domestic servitude.

As they took over the country, viral images of defiant girls on their way to school they illustrated his hope that things could be different this time.

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For her part, Pashtana Durrani, founder and CEO of LEARN, a charity focused on education in Afghanistan, told NPR that what is happening in her country is devastating.

“There has been a lot of heartbreak in the process,” he said. “The girls, the women in my family, have been crying for everything that has been happening, the men taking to the streets, them celebrating their victories but at the same time, us losing our identity.”

“I just watched this video of this lady, and she was telling everyone to get back to work and classes and all that. But then, what is the guarantee? What is her guarantee that these girls who go to school can remain safe there? That the Taliban won’t come in and slap them left and right?”

In May, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said they would draft laws that would allow women to contribute to the country in a peaceful and protected environment.

But Ms. Durrani claimed that Taliban have already ordered women at one workplace to leave and have a male relative replace them.

International militaries are doing their best to evacuate as many people as possible, however those who decide to stay will face uncertainty about what their country will look like in the future.

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Source: www.intriper.com