Tattoos that only people who have a spiritual mission in life would get

The tattoos They are always a very personal choice because, although there are temporary options, in most cases they are for life. For this reason, many people choose to do something that symbolizes something for them that they never want to forget.

But there are also those who choose tattoos with an even deeper meaning. We are talking about people for whom life is a path of constant learning and appreciation; people who feel they have a spiritual mission.

What is it that people with this sensibility might choose to get tattooed?


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According to Buddhism, the lotus flower that blooms in the water symbolizes the purity of the soul and body, as well as the search for spiritual elevation.

The Tree of Life

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This tree, also known as Crann Bethadh, was for the Celts a sacred symbol that represented the essence of life, the connection with the earth and the sky; and also, the two faces of good and evil.

Fatima’s hand

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This symbol, in the Arab culture, has the function of providing protection against misfortune, bad energy and illness. Also, it attracts good luck.


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Also known as the “all-seeing eye”, it is a symbol that represents God’s providence over all Humanity. It is also related to light, wisdom and spiritual order in all its planes.


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The Andean cross is a symbol of the original cultures of the Andes that refers to the Sun and the Southern Cross. It marks the union between the low and the high, the earth and the sun, man and the supreme. Its meaning, in addition, could be related to the approach or “bridge” towards the highest.


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This is a geometric figure made up of overlapping circles. It represents sacred geometry and the fundamental forms of time and space.

om mani padme hum

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This, in Sanskrit for “oh, the jewel of the lotus!”, is the mantra of Chenrezig, the Buddhist deity of Compassion. In particular, this tattoo represents spiritual protection to those who possess it.

What other tattoos do you know of?