Sustainable development: what it consists of, types and examples

The world requires changes that are not only focused on improving people’s lives, it is also essential that projects can be developed that allow greater protection of the environment. It is for this reason that in recent years many countries have taken on the task of researching and investing resources for the planning and materialization of various projects based mainly on sustainable development, what it consists of, its types and some examples. Something that will certainly give nature a break.

Sustainable development What is it?

sustainable development; Also known as sustainable development, it is a way in which a balance is sought between society, natural resources and economic development without putting the quality of life of human beings at risk, much less that of the ecosystem. Not only in the present, but also in the future. In other words, sustainable development acts as a bridge between humanity and the environment, with the aim of promoting a better relationship between both parties.

The first time this definition was made known was during the 20th century, a period in which the environmental consequences caused by the socioeconomic model present at that time and which had developed from the well-known Industrial Revolution, could no longer continue. hiding.

Despite this, the concept of sustainable development was used formally for the first time in the Brundtland Report, published in 1987 by a group known as the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development. Named after Gro Harlem Brundtland, who was Prime Minister of Norway.

After the publication of this report, there has been much discussion about sustainable development and the need to carry out as many projects as possible, especially in the most needy countries.

Purpose of sustainable development

Sustainable or sustainable development already has several objectives, which are present within the 2030 Agenda, which has already been ratified by the United Nations. This agenda contains a list of measures with which they try to guarantee a series of objectives such as those shown below:

– Significantly reduce hunger and poverty in the world.

– Promote better education and quality jobs that serve for good economic development.

– Promote gender equality as well as eliminate inequalities.

– Ensure well-being and healthy life for all people.

– Encourage society for the production and responsible consumption of natural resources.

– Improve basic services around the world, such as access to clean water.

– Allow access to energy sources that are affordable and do not pollute the environment.

– Modernization of infrastructures as well as industries for the creation of sustainable communities and cities.

– Plan new and better actions to combat climate change and thus guarantee the protection of terrestrial and underwater life.

– Promote peace in all territories, as well as create solid institutions and maintain justice.

– Create good alliances in order to achieve the objectives set.

What are the types of sustainable development?

There are three very important pillars within sustainable development, which in one way or another, share the objectives mentioned in the previous part. These pillars are the following:

Economic sustainability: when talking about the economic field, the main idea is to promote good development that maintains a good balance with resources. Which are obtained from nature, avoiding at all costs the overload of it. Similarly, it is not just an investment. It is also that the economic resources obtained are distributed fairly, thus reducing poverty, while promoting equality.

Environmental sustainability: many people think that natural resources will never run out, which is why some sectors have exploited these resources for industrial purposes. Sustainable development was created to change this way of thinking. And at the same time, to ration and protect essential resources that are obtained from nature. To achieve this, it is essential to apply various measures that serve to carry out good sustainable development.

Currently, a wide variety of projects have been carried out, such as the use of renewable energies, changes in agricultural policies, recycling, sustainable mobility, saving water and reducing energy consumption, reducing deforestation, etc.

Social sustainability: the mentality of society has a lot to do with this. It seeks to promote equality so that all people have the right to a better quality of life. In these cases, the ideal is to develop new health and education policies, as well as sensitize the population to issues related to sustainable development, especially when it comes to the resources allocated to cities and all their inhabitants. The use of policies that encourage alliances and peace are also part of social sustainability.

Some examples of sustainable development

Currently, different projects based on sustainable development have been developed. These have been created with the aim of achieving an increase in the field of energy saving, through energy and renewable resources, avoiding putting the ecosystem or future generations at risk.

Every sustainable project is done with the idea of ​​creating as many sustainable spaces as possible to meet the needs of society, without putting the economy at risk. Among the sustainable development projects that make better use of the resources that come from nature; without neglecting the protection of the environment and savings in energy consumption, the following can be mentioned:

Sustainable prefabricated housing project

Many companies are undertaking various prefabricated housing projects. These are made only with materials from nature, among which earth and wood stand out. This type of house not only reduces pollution levels, but also significantly reduces energy consumption. Inside they are equipped with natural ventilation systems that do not require the use of electricity.

In addition, they have solar panels capable of producing enough energy for every corner of the house. They also have a rainwater storage system, which can be reused and thus save clean water. Some elements used in the manufacture of this type of housing are 100% recycled, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.

Sustainable food project

Urban agriculture is key in the planning of this project. Innovative hydraulic water systems are currently used that work through closed circuits and whose main objective is the cultivation of various types of vegetables vertically. This generates a large decrease in the water used for the irrigation process, this being only 5% compared to conventional cultivation. This allows the reduction in the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Another great advantage is the savings in electricity consumption.

Sustainable project in the technological field

Technology is a very important part of sustainable development, in fact, many projects have been created in this area, which have been of great help to humanity. A good example is the creation of 3D printers, being essential in the construction of prefabricated houses, crop monitors, which have allowed farmers to increase the quality of crops and reduce diseases and pests that occur in some plants. without the need to use pesticides.

Sustainable transport project

Transportation is essential in people’s lives, which is why it has also been taken into account during the development of several sustainable projects. One of these belongs to a website called Spinlister, which has developed an ecological transportation project. The main objective is that people from more than 65 countries can rent bicycles and thus reduce the environmental impact caused by vehicles. In addition, it promotes physical activity and tourism.

Sustainable project for health care

Health; Like food, it is one of the most important areas for human beings, which is why they have also created various projects based on sustainable development. One of these goes hand in hand with the Solar Ear company, which has developed special hearing aids that use solar-rechargeable batteries. The novelty of these hearing aids is that they have a standard of living of up to three years, thus helping many people in the world, especially those who do not have the financial resources.


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