Summer 2022: what are the Argentine beaches where you can take your dog on vacation

Summer 2022 has arrived and the most desirable thing is to visit a beach to relax and if it is with your pet, even better. But not all beaches or resorts allow animals, so it is difficult to enjoy a sunny day with your furry friend.

For this reason, in this note we tell you which are the Argentine beaches where you can take your dog on vacation in the summer 2022. Also find out the best tips to take care of your best friend during the beach days.

What are the Argentine beaches that allow dogs?

At least 78% of Argentines say they have pets at home, making Argentina one of the countries with the most pets per inhabitant. However, with the arrival of summer 2022, the vast majority of people have no idea where they should go with their pets during the holidays.

Due to the intense heat of summer 2022, it is best to take your pet to places that help him relax. Beaches or spas are very good options, since they allow your pet to cool off and have fun like never before. However, very few Argentine beaches allow access to animals such as dogs, etc.

Therefore, the only alternative is to find a place where your dog can take a good dip. These are the pet friendly beaches, which have become a trend not only in Argentina, but also in other countries. They are exclusive areas to enjoy the 2022 summer holidays in the company of the family and especially your pets.

It is for this reason that we will show you which are the best Argentine pet friendly beaches where you can access with your pet without any problem.

YES Dog Beach in Mar de Plata

Known for being the first spa created exclusively for dogs in Argentina, being a 100% pet friendly area. But it is not only the first in Argentina, it is also the first beach for dogs in all of Latin America and was declared a site of interest by the municipality of General Pueyrredon.

Yes Playa Canina is located about 50 meters from the Lighthouse, towards the southern part of Mar de Plata. The area is located right on interbalnearia route 11, specifically at kilometer 5.5, inside the complex known as “El Balcon”.

At the entrance you can find a rather curious sign, it says “No entry without pets”. Which means that if you do not bring your dog, then you will not be able to access the area and this rule is followed without any exceptions. In the same way, you can enter the beach with your pet between 8 am and 8 pm, as well as some mandatory rules that must be followed.

The idea of ​​creating the first beach with a 100% pet friendly theme in Argentina came from Nair and Gabriel Sapienza in 2013. A couple who, like many others, had a very hard time taking their dogs on vacation. For this reason, both decided to create yes canine beach in 2015 and in summer 2022 it is one of the most popular places to take your pets.

The place is quite spacious and is completely adjusted to the needs of dogs, it has several tents and umbrellas. In addition, they have an agility square and also a games area, ideal for training dogs without neglecting fun. In the same way, showers, dog pool, slide and an area known as “pipi room”, for dogs to relieve themselves.

But that’s not all, Yes canine beach also has more exclusive services for your pet. Among the most outstanding are surf classes, dog training, walks and the popular “Doga” better known as dog yoga. Pets can also enjoy snacks, fresh water to drink, and everything they need for summer vacation 2022.

However, to access Yes canine beach it is very important to meet certain requirements that are mandatory. For this, a group of specialized trainers are in charge of each family that brings their pet, complying with the rules of coexistence established in the place.

First, the owner of the dog must show a deworming booklet, a veterinary certificate and the flea pipette. Next, a team performs a preliminary evaluation of the dog’s behavior, in order to find out if the animal is calm or aggressive.

Aggressive, euphoric dogs or dogs that bark too much will not be allowed in Yes canine beach. The reason is that they could incite the rest to adopt inappropriate behaviors and the environment would become tense for the pets.

Before visiting Yes playa canina, it is advisable to make a prior reservation and choose the package to be agreed upon. Keep in mind that the number of tents and umbrellas is limited, so it’s best to reserve a spot in advance. In this way, you can give your pet an incredible summer vacation 2022.


Another of the best options to enjoy the 2022 summer vacations on the beach with your pet is Pinamar. Like Yes playa canina, Pinamar is one of the forerunners of the pet friedly lifestyle trend in a large part of the Argentine coast. Although it is not an “exclusive” beach for pets, they have access within special hours.

Some years ago, the municipality presented certain ordinances with the aim of allowing pets within tourist areas. In the regulation issued, it was dictated that pets could access certain resorts and beaches open to the general public.

Ordinance 4811 was issued in 2016, seeking a balance between the tranquility of people who go on vacation and pets. This is why the inns that comply with the ordinance must indicate which tents allow families with pets. In the same way, these inns will have to offer water service, waste bags and dishes for dog food.

Likewise, the ordinance indicates that dogs can only be on the beaches from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. It applies between the months of December and April, which means that out of season you can take your pets all the day if you like.

The imposed schedule is to protect pets from the hours when there is more recurrence of bathers. Since most of these do not like the idea of ​​seeing animals walking along the shore of the beaches. In addition, you should not forget to bring the pet’s health book, its leash and bags that serve to collect its feces.

But the beach is not the only place with a pet-friendly trend, Pinamar also has at least five restaurants and three hotels. Among these, the Tante restaurant and the Sahara Apart Hotel stand out, where you can continue enjoying the 2022 summer holidays.

the seagulls

Continuing with the beaches where you can access with your pets during the summer of 2022, Las Gaviotas is another excellent option to choose from. Although unlike the previous ones, on this beach there are no tents or spas, but the area is really wide. Las Gaviotas is a place that belongs to the Villa Gesell Party, where there is an ordinance that prohibits any type of pet on the beach.

However, due to the lack of spas and the great extension of these beaches, there are some exceptions. So it is advisable to go only to areas where pets are allowed.


It is located on route number 2, specifically at kilometer 116,300 of the town of Chascomús. It has a wide variety of places and activities to enjoy with your pets. There are outdoor games for your dog, drinking fountains so he can stay hydrated. You can also receive advice from specialized veterinarians who have different services to protect your pet.


It is a place where, in addition to sunbathing, open tennis tournaments are held. In Córdoba you can enjoy a whole day of fun with your beloved pet, who also needs to have fun just like the whole family.

What recommendations to follow to take your dog to the beach?

Before taking your dog on summer vacation 2022, it is very important that you follow a series of recommendations. Compliance with them will allow both the owner and the pet to enjoy summer 2022 without any problem.

Before the trip to the beach

– Before starting the trip to the beach, you should keep in mind the temperament of your pet. Since pet friendly beaches do not allow aggressive or extremely nervous dogs in their facilities. The reason is that they could disturb the rest of the dogs that are in the area.

. You must have the updated vaccination and deworming card available.

– Your pet cannot have any type of disease, since it is not healthy for other dogs or for people in the area.

– Always carry a drinker and enough fresh water to keep the dog hydrated.

– Not all beaches have tents or umbrellas, so you should bring one to protect your pet from the intense sun of summer 2022.

– You must carry bags that serve to collect the excrement that the dog can leave in the place.

– You can take several toys so that the dog is always entertained.

– Do not forget his leash along with his collar and the plate with the correct identification of the animal.

– Planning is essential when it comes to taking your pet to the beach, inform yourself properly. Remember that some beaches only allow access to pets at certain times. In addition, you should ask about the services offered and of course, the cost of them.

On the beach

– Protect their pads, keep in mind that hot sand can hurt them.

– Use the umbrella so that the dog always stays in the shade.

– Put on sunscreen, especially in the most vulnerable areas.

– Do not expose your pet to high temperatures.

– Keep his water bowl close so your pet can drink whenever he likes.

– Never lose sight of it, you should always have your pet supervised.

– Do not let him drink water directly from the beach, it could affect his health.

– Avoid areas with strong currents and great depth.

back home

– After leaving the beach, it is advisable to bathe the dog with fresh water to get rid of the remains of salt water and sand.

– Clean their ears and make sure they don’t have sand between their pads.

– Reward him if his behavior on the beach was correct.

Now if you can take your pet to the beach to enjoy the summer 2022 having great fun!

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