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The Emotional biodecoding is a proposal of alternative medicine that tries to find the metaphysical origin of diseases, or their emotional meaning, to treat it, since it starts from the basis that our body, mind and soul are closely related, that is why it is not possible cure any physical problem without also dealing with the emotions.

Every disease has an emotional or metaphysical origin, that is, it is caused by some type of feeling that does not manifest as such, and therefore is projected on the physical plane of the body.

The skin represents our individuality, and skin problems usually mean that we feel threatened in some way. We fear that others have power over us.

When we are well, our skin is radiant, without roughness or redness. Like an exterior showcase of our body and our mind, in perfect balance. However, when we feel bad, our skin shows signs that are difficult to hide: psoriasis, pimples, blemishes, and herpes, among others.

The skin consists of three layers:

• Epidermis (external) – Belongs to the 4th Stage.
• Hypodermis (internal) – Belongs to the 3rd Stage.
• Dermis (intermediate) – Belongs to the 2nd Stage.

Epidermis 4th Stage (Relationship)

What emotional conflict am I experiencing?

If I present any problem in my epidermis, it means that I am experiencing a separation conflict with respect to my mother, my family, my friends, my co-workers, etc. I am necessarily suffering from “a lack of contact”. This separation conflict produces feelings of fear, anguish, a sense of threat and nervous problems. Taking into account that the skin is a large protective surface, it is highly common for it to reflect our emotional states.

hypodermis 3rd Stage (Movement, Assessment)

What emotional conflict am I experiencing?

If I present any problem in the hypodermis, it means that I am experiencing a conflict of aesthetic devaluation of myself in reference to a part of my body that has been judged as “ugly”. That is, I feel unattractive or judged for my lack of beauty and that causes my hypodermis to be damaged.

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Dermis 2nd Stage (Protection)

What emotional conflict am I experiencing?

If I present any problem in my dermis, it means that I am experiencing a separation conflict instead of obtaining a contact that I long for. That is, I am separated from something or someone with whom I would fervently wish to be closer, more related, etc.

Here are some of the meanings of the most common skin conditions:

Vitiligo: Conflict of experience of separation and discomfort at the same time. Abrupt or unpleasant separation from a loved one. You have to wash the stain.

Warts: It is a shield that has left a mark of an attack or aggression. Also a devaluation at an aesthetic level. Dirt a stain conflict. In feet, they represent our roots, origin, in hands: conflict with writing.

Nevus, moles: Stain conflicts.

Lipoma: local aesthetic devaluation and overprotection.

Acne: Conflict of identity (Change of name of the DNI or receiving an insult for my face) Aesthetic conflict and aesthetic devaluation, conflict of the mirror. Filth conflict (sometimes experienced by the father).

  • On the face “self rejection.”
  • Upper back and shoulders: Lack of support, that’s where we touch someone when we want to support them.
  • The adolescent resents that if I get older I will have more responsibility, that is why I want to continue being a child, this conflict leads to acne.
  • Deep down there is always a conflict of fear of sexuality (quite aesthetic). “I show my hormones, I show that I can have sex.”

Juvenile acne is the attraction and fear of the newly awakened instinct of sexuality. Non-acceptance of self.

Acne rosette: “I must eliminate from my face (from my image) what is dangerous for me (eg femininity).

Pityriasis versicolor: Infectious, non-contagious, chronic and very common disease caused by a fungus: The infection is cutaneous, superficial, is characterized by spots on the skin (hypo- or hyperpigmented macules) and is usually asymptomatic. Conflict of attack on integrity (hyperpigmentation) + conflict of separation, in the repair phase.

Impetigo: Attack against integrity with a feeling of separation.

Perspiration: When the person feels trapped, when they cannot count on their mother. “I don’t want anyone to trap me in an environment of fear”

Hyperhidrosis in the palm of the hand or sole of the feet: “I feel as if I have to escape from a trap”, “I am afraid that mom will touch me, if she touches me, it will be to hurt me”, “you have to run, sneak away ”

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