Simple yoga poses for more flexibility

The various daily occupations, the constant stress of everyday life or even inactivity generate tensions in the body and mind. It is necessary to carry out activities and carry out actions that help us to clear ourselves and improve our quality of life. It can be from a good diet, to entertainment and exercise. A very good alternative to reduce stress and accumulated tension is yoga.

Why is yoga an alternative?

When we lead a sedentary lifestyle or have had little physical activity, we necessarily have to start conditioning our body. This can be done very successfully through yoga postures.

From the flexibility that can be obtained with yoga, various benefits can be achieved:

  • Improve body posture, which prevents injuries and contractures
  • Have a more active and therefore healthier lifestyle
  • Prevent injuries when working out, playing sports and more

Some yoga poses for flexibility

These yoga poses are quite simple. They can be done in a room with little space, regardless of age, physical condition or gender. It only takes the interest to improve our physical and mental condition.

1. Ananda Balasana or happy baby

Its name is due to the fact that it is a position that babies perform constantly, so they are in the very nature of the human being. It is done as follows:

ananda balasana

Lie down on a solid, flat surface with your back fully supported.

Bring your knees to your chest, raising your feet and taking them by the tips with your hands.

The legs should be at a 90 degree angle.

The posture should be held for approximately 2 minutes, concentrating only on the breath.

2. Balasana or the child

This is a simple posture, but very powerful. It helps strengthen back muscles, improve flexibility, and can also improve sleep. It is done using the following instructions:

Balasana or the child

Sit on your heels; that is, with the legs folded and with a straight back.

Lean forward, fully extending your arms.

The chest should be glued to the knees and the buttocks to the heels.

Stay in the position for 2 minutes, paying attention to your breath.

3. Uttanasana or the clamp

This posture is a little more advanced and therefore with greater benefits for the flexibility of the body. Above all, in the upper and lower part of the lower extremities. This pose is highly recommended for relieving depression problems, headaches, and more.

It is achieved in the following way:


Spread your legs hip-width apart and get into a standing position.

Breathe in, lean your body forward as you exhale, bringing your trunk as low as possible.

Place your hands behind your ankles for a better grip.

Hold the position for 2 minutes.

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