Shiloh is identical to her grandmother: Angelina’s fans say she looks the same in photos

Many claim that Shiloh is identical to her grandmother: Angelina’s fans say that she looks exactly the same in the photos. This is something that usually happens, because many times the traits are repeated in a second generation.

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Angelina Jolie’s mother is called Marceline Bertrand

It is known that Shiloh’s grandmother was born in 1950. She worked in films and some series, marrying fellow actor Jon Voight on December 12, 1971. Two children were born from that union: Angelina and James.

The marriage with Jon Voight did not last, due to infidelities of the actor. This is how Angelina maintained a bond with her mother, which she always maintained. Marceline Bertrand passed away from ovarian cancer in 2007.

Angelina Jolie has always held positive views of her mother. Plus, she takes care of getting cancer too. In fact, she has several campaigns for women’s wellness and cancer health.

Source: Vistazo Magazine

great resemblance to his grandmother

The young Shiloh was born thanks to the marriage between Jolie and Brad Pitt. Her birth year is 2006, so she was barely a year old when her grandmother passed away. Therefore, he had no opportunity to share with her.

The eldest daughter of Pitt and Jolie has given much to talk about. In her childhood and adolescence, she used to dress in a very masculine way. However, she gave a radical turn to her outfits and ways of behaving in public.

Suddenly, she began to look more feminine and her face made up. Also, she has started to wear long hair. Her result has pleased the public so much that she now notices a resemblance to her grandmother, Marceline Bertrand.

Several journalists have been given the task of investigating photos of Angelina Jolie’s mother. Result? Well, the similarities abound. There is no denying that the young lady inherited many traits from her maternal grandmother.

Source: UPSOCL

A family of actors and people dedicated to entertainment

Jolie’s mother was an actress. In turn, Jon Voight is a very established actor. It is added that Angelina Jolie has an extensive career, being an Oscar winner. Similarly, Brad Pitt has won an Academy Award.

Now, everything indicates that the young Shilo has the potential and beauty to dedicate herself to acting. However, she has so far been seen in dance classes. Apparently, she is very good at dancing and she performs it with ease.

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Are the comparisons true? Do Shilo and Marceline Bertrand actually look that much alike? The last word is with the readers when comparing the photos.