Scientists believe “penguins could be aliens” after chemical discovery on Venus

Several scientists believe that “penguins could be aliens” after the chemical discovery on Venus. The key is in a substance called phosphine in the droppings of these birds.

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What is phosphine?

This substance in gaseous format. Phosphine (PH3) is a molecule that includes one phosphorus atom and three hydrogen atoms. Its appearance is colorless and it is quite toxic. With the smell of decomposing substances.

What is special about phosphine? The point is that this substance is not native to the earth. It is known that its origin is the planet Venus. In fact, it is still speculated how this compound came to our planet.

It is even rare to find phosphine in living things. We have already mentioned that it is toxic. However, these birds seem to tolerate it and produce it. In the poop of these birds it is possible to find traces of phosphine.

Following the trail of phosphine on earth

There are some anaerobic bacteria that produce phosphine. It is found in the slime of ponds and in the guts of badgers. Also, in the guano of the penguins. To all this, adds to the recent discoveries of NASA.

Unfortunately, Antarctic penguin colonies have been reduced by up to 77% in 50 years. Therefore, it is difficult to get large groups of these animals. However, evidence is expected to be collected in the coming years.

In any case, in the first planet of the solar system there are enormous amounts of phosphine. Therefore, if there is life on that planet; they must be organisms capable of tolerating phosphine. That is, with some similarity to penguins.

These birds process phosphine, which is part of their digestive system. Being toxic, this substance eliminates germs in the body of these birds. Also, it allows the excrement of these animals to be a natural disinfectant.

An idea that has raised many comments

It is suggested that these birds, perhaps, have some origin outside of planet earth. The truth is that it is a very atypical species, since it does not fly and has aquatic habits. Also, their feathers are waterproof.

Recently, a yellow penguin was photographed for the first time in history. It is something unusual, revealing genetic mutations. However, now it is pointed out that these birds are aliens or something similar.

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Do you think that these birds are of origin outside the land? It is a strange and risky hypothesis, which usually generates some jokes. However, scientists believe that it is a well-supported hypothesis.