Sao Paulo bans the use of single-use plastic objects

Good news! The city of São Paulo prohibits the use of single-use plastic objects. It is a law approved in 2019, but which has managed to materialize at the beginning of 2021. Therefore, it is a notable advance in favor of the environment.

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The law against these plastics is approved in June 2019

The matter is that until 2021 its applicability has been achieved. What does this mean? Well, it is agreed to replace these plastics with other materials. Many companies manufactured them and it was necessary to agree with them.

What was established is a year for merchants to change such materials. This happened during 2020. Now, in January 2021, the total ban on cutlery, plates, bags and other disposable plastic products begins.

It is worth mentioning that this legislation is particularly strict in public spaces and events. In fact, there are sanctions for those who fail to comply. A true crusade for the benefit of the environment and in a great metropolis.

The mayor of Sao Paulo is happy with the application of the law

Bruno Covas, current mayor of the São Paulo capital, has done everything possible to achieve this goal. It also seeks to promote recycling. It is worth saying that Sao Paulo is a city of more than 20 million inhabitants

Therefore, it is a population that will stop using these plastics. A large amount of waste will no longer be dumped into nature. Other cities of colossal size are expected to copy this excellent initiative.

It is worth saying that these plastics not only pollute because of their waste, but also because of their manufacturing process. In the production of these single-use materials, gases are released that enhance the fearsome greenhouse effect.

Single-use plastics are also banned in other parts of the world

For example, Australia to ban single-use plastics in 2021. Likewise, in other nations it is expected to eliminate these products. Slowly, a global campaign is being developed that is expected to have magnificent results.

Another good example is that Amazon will no longer sell single-use plastic items across the European Union. Therefore, the private sector can also collaborate in this matter. Everyone putting their grain of sand.

It remains to say that removing these materials is of great help to the seas. The cause? Well, much of the marine pollution is from plastic materials. An additional reason to make these campaigns successful.

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Will it be possible to eliminate plastics from only one on the planet? It is what must be achieved. It is not easy to change so many products with this material, but we will achieve it with concerted efforts.