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Do you know what a industrial engineering? The industrial engineering It is a science that is responsible for integrating techniques and technologies with a view to competent and safe production and management, achieving maximum performance of industrial processes for the creation of goods and services. The person in charge of carrying out these tasks is the Industrial Engineer. Shall we continue?

do you study to be Industrial Engineer but you are not clear about your professional career? We cannot specify what can be dedicated to a Industrial Engineer in a company, because being such a wide branch the tasks will vary depending on the area to which it is dedicated.

This will mean that the salary of an industrial engineer will depend on several factors.

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What does an industrial engineer do?

First of all, you have to know how to become a Industrial Engineer. To do this you need to finish your studies in the Degree in Industrial Engineering at the university of your choice, you can enter directly into the world of work or continue your studies to specialize and reduce your competition in the sector.

Once you start your professional career as Industrial Engineer you have to know the tasks you can perform because their work can be very varied, they are already in charge of design and implement a mechanism that allows improvements in it to improve the company’s operating process. This work can be carried out in the department of the company that most needs it, providing a wide range of possibilities to a Industrial Engineer.

What are the functions of an industrial engineer?

Some of the tasks that a Industrial Engineer are:

  • Design projects.
  • Assist senior engineer.
  • Supervise the work of junior engineers.
  • Perform administrative tasks.

These tasks are general, but if we consider an example: a Industrial Engineer who works in quality control will be dedicated to designing a project to improve the defects that a product has.

How many types of engineering are there?

If you want to be an engineer, you only have to decide what engineering you want to dedicate yourself to. There are many specializations in engineering because it is a very broad term that covers different applications and industries. in various branches such as mathematics, science and technology, with a common trait of creating solutions for real problems.

If we divide engineering into six main branches that each one has its subdivisions, we would have: mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, management and geotechnical. Some of the main engineering of each branch are the following:

  • Mechanics: mechanical, biomedical, biomechanical, aerospace and automotive engineering.
  • Chemistry: chemical, environmental, material science, agricultural or agronomic and paper engineering.
  • Civil: civil, structural and architectural engineering.
  • electrical: electrical engineering, computer science, electronics, mechatronics and microtronics.
  • management: MBA in engineering, industrial engineeringsystems and production.
  • Geotechnical: petroleum, geological, nuclear, marine, physical, photonics, nanotechnology, mining, ceramics, metallurgical and geomatics engineering.

What does the salary of an industrial engineer depend on?

To set the salary of an industrial engineeral we have to bear in mind that it depends on the company and the work they do here. In addition to the fact that an engineer who only has the degree or who complements it with other knowledge will not charge the same such as a master, courses, etc. In short, the salary can vary according to some factors:

  • Years of experience.
  • Business.
  • Sector.
  • Academic resources.

What is the salary of an industrial engineer?

The salary of a recent graduate industrial engineer in Spain it is around 1,500 euros net per month. Although it seems a low salary for the work of this worker, it will begin to increase with the years of experience. With 3 years you can collect 2,500 euros net per month, with 6 or 7 years of experience the figure would increase to 4,000 euros net per month. Until getting more than 10 years of experience where the salary could exceed 6,000 euros net per month.

We can only account for increases in salaries in industrial engineers depending on the years of experience, but once you start your professional career you can increase your knowledge with a master’s degree or courses that help you grow your salary. Enter our website to find out about courses that help you achieve your goals.

Main career opportunities

Currently companies are demanding more Industrial Engineers to optimize production processes. Different tasks can be carried out in a companythe most common are to work in these departments:

  • Research and development (R+D+I).
  • Process analyst.
  • Production planning.
  • Logistics Assistant.
  • Distribution chief.
  • Human Resources.
  • Communication Department.
  • Manager.

salaries for industrial engineers They will depend to a large extent on which of these departments they carry out their work, these being just some of their professional opportunities.

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