Sahumar: an ancient technique to clean energy

By Celeste Condoleo

The spaces absorb the energy of all the people who inhabit it, of the objects, of the words that are said and of the emotions that are not expressed. Therefore, you can feel a heavy, uncomfortable or disharmonious space.

The sahúmo is a very ancient and sacred ritual that allows stagnant energy to circulate. Ancient cultures were deeply aware that nature offers everything that the human being needs to heal the physical body and the soul. Medicinal plants are an essential part of the wisdom of the earth and they give you the possibility of transforming the vibration of a space to attract love, calm, clarity.

This practice consists of burning herbs, resins, wood, powders and flowers on a burning charcoal, inside a bowl suitable for high temperatures. The smoke that comes out of this union is distributed throughout the space that needs to be purified.


– A container that supports heat, such as a clay or ceramic incense burner. Macarena Alegría Dorada, from Activando la Pachamama, gives pottery workshops where you can create your own incense burner: a ceremonial and powerful object.

– Round and flat charcoal. You can get them in bazaars and santerías.

– The herbs or mixture of herbs you need depending on your intention.

– A clear purpose! You may ask yourself: why am I going to light this incense? What I need? clarity, cleanliness, confidence or tranquility?


Rosemary: energetically cleanses and increases confidence.

Sage: purifies the environment and protects from dense energies.

Lavender: calms anxiety, quiets the mind and promotes deep sleep.

Rue: absorbs and drives away negative energies.

Copal: quickly purifies the environment and promotes positive changes.

Myrrh: drives away bad thoughts and favors meditation.

Sandalwood: opens paths and helps materialize desires.

Cinnamon: lifts the mood and stimulates sexual desire.

Tobacco: helps ground, focus and return to center.

Incense: clean, bless spaces and enhance spiritual connection.


With the space clean, you must first light the charcoal inside the incense burner. It releases the first smoke that it gives off outside. Then, with the doors and windows closed, place the herbs on the charcoal and go through the entire environment with the sacred smoke. It is ideal to start with the farthest corners: these are the points where the energy stagnates.

While incensing you can sing mantras or repeat a positive affirmation that focuses your mind on what you want to attract or release. Let intuition guide you.

When you finish with the environment, you can go through your body with the smoke, from the crown of the head to the feet, to energetically purify your auric field.

Let the coal go out by itself and open the doors and windows, thankful that the smoke takes away everything negative.

When to smoke

– When you feel the energy dense or uncomfortable.

– When you need to close a cycle and invoke the new.

– When you move

– When you want to connect with the power of nature.

– When you want to treat yourself to a moment of connection and pampering for your senses.


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